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Eatons Department Store Winnipeg

Eatons Department Store Winnipeg

Nameplate from Eatons Department Store Winnipeg


Iconic and a part of Canada's History, the Timothy Eaton Company once was the largest department store chain in the Dominion.

 At the beginning of the 20th century, Eaton's conducted huge business in Western Canada through its product and range catalogue. Eaton's considered Winnipeg in Manitoba the most logical location for a brand new mail order warehouse to better serve its western Canadian customers. An Eatons department store was not originally part of the plans. But on the July 15, 1905  an Eatons Store was opened covering a whole city block at Portage Avenue at Donald Street in Winnipeg. The building itself was built in four months and was criticized for being too big at five floors tall. By 1910, it was nine storeys high! This Brass placque is all that remains of that piece of Canadian history.






 Original vintage comic books can be headline breaking news when it comes to values. Particularly when a superhuman called Superman is involved.

Here's just a few comic book winners that turned up at the Roadshow at Portage Place in Winnepeg.


Action Comics Roadshow

Original Vintage 1938 Action Comic


Original superman comics

 Action Comics began in 1938. Action Comics #1 featured the introduction of Superman. Even restored versions of these Action comics are worth around $2,550.00 each. These Action Comics we saw are in mint original condition and date from the first edition in 1938.








John Glover Lancashire Combined League Championship Cap

John Glover (Liverpool FC) Lancashire Combined League

Championship cap and medal

JOHN GLOVER - Liverpool F C 1900

<   English professional soccer player John Glover signed for Liverpool Football Club way back in 1900, making his Liverpool FC debut on the 20th of October 1900. In all, making 59 appearances for the giant Liverpool Football Club.


John William Glover (Born 28 October 1876 – 20 April 1955), also known as Jack Glover.

 John Glover was a strong, little defender, a left-back who didn't make the first team at his home town football club, West Bromwich Albion but managed to play 23 games for Blackburn's first team in his debut season at Ewood Park.

John Glover then joined New Brompton (which in 1912 changed its name to Gillingham Town) in the Southern League and a step down lead to a step up to Championship success at Liverpool in the 1900-01 season, the first of 18 Division One titles for the Reds.

 John Glover played in 10 of the 34 matches that season and although he started the following year as first-choice for the No. 2 shirt, he was replaced half-way through the season by John Robertson.


 But John Glover reclaimed his place and missed only four of the 34 First Division fixtures of 1902-03, which Liverpool finished in 5th place. Glover also played in one FA Cup tie, the first round defeat at Manchester United in February 1903.

 Glover played 124 league games for First Division Small Heath from 1904-1908, until Birmingham (as the club changed its name to in 1905) were relegated in the 1907-8 season.

A publican in his later life, retired from professional football, he died in Dudley at the age of 78.

 We were privileged to see this memorabilia of John Glover's footballing years on the Roadshow Tour Canada 2010.

If you can add anything to it, please write to us.

2011 At artiquesroadshow  dot com



John Glovers cup winners medal

John Glover Senior Cup Winners Cup Medal 1900

Liverpool Football Club 1900

Liverpool FC 1900. John Glover = Back Row 2nd from left


Liverpool FC Team: Back row: Ottey, John Glover, Andy McGuigan, Foster, John "Sailor" Hunter, Thomas John Hunter, Raby Howell.
Middle row: Billy Soulsby, Charlie Wilson, Sam Raybould, Tom Robertson, Bill Perkins, William Goldie, Maurice Parry, J. Chapman (Trainer)
Front row: John Walker, Richard Morris, Alex Raisbeck, Jack Cox, Billy Dunlop.










Some Roadshow Rare Books: 



Missale Romanum 1689:

ex decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum : S. Pii V pontificus maximi jussu editum : aliorum pontificum cura recognitum : a Pio X reformatum et Ssmi. D.N. Benedicti XV auctoritate vulgatum.

The Missale Romanum was the first book with music printed in Rome.

Value around $3,500.00 USD
















Missale Romanum














 Operation Neptune was the cross-Channel crossing phase of Operation Overlord, the code name for the operation that launched the invasion of German occupied western Europe during World War II by Allies and is commonly called the Battle of Normandy. Operation Neptune commenced on the 6th of June 1944 with the Normandy landings (commonly known as D-Day).

 These TOP SECRET operational orders full of charts, maps and photographs of the beaches taken from the sea, were issued to Force G, down to and including Commanding officers of major landing craft with the strict proviso that once studied, they should be destroyed by fire.

Clearly, these rare documents were not!

Operation Neptune preparation.

 The allied naval officers receive, on April 10, 1944, confirmation of a landing in the North of France, precisely on the Calvados area coasts. This operation, code named Neptune, will be supervised by the commander in chief of the allied fleet: Admiral Bertram Ramsay.

Initially, four landing beaches are selected, located between the Vire and Orne rivers in the Calvados area and are indicated by a specific code name: Omaha (American sector), Gold, Juno and Sword, British, Canadian and Free France sectors) The rest is history.

Operation Nepture secret orders






Queen Elizabeth I of England





Queen Elizabeth I Book & hand symbol  

ABOVE: This ancient leather clad book is embossed with Queen Elizabeth I of England's initials in gold and may well have been her very own.

Inside, many passages in this Latin prayer book are noted with hand drawn symbols in ink. A hand with a pointing finger indicating a passage of particular interest. Exactly what the Queen was known to have done.

Quilller Couch Sleeping beauty
Bayden Powell Book and letters















< Sir Robert Baden-Powell,
Pig-Sticking or Hog-Hunting, 1924 First Edition Signed and

accompanied by a series of personal letters











                                                                                                      Duke of Wellington Victorian Mourning Brooch

                                                                                                     Duke of Wellington

A Memento Mori

Mourning Brooch:

Duke of Wellington's Hair



 We do see some rather strange things on the Roadshow. Take this for instance, unusual to say the least. A lock of the Duke of Wellington's hair. But Mourning brooches are not that uncommon you know.

 Mourning brooches like the one above, were quite common in Victorian times amongst the upper classes. Back then keeping locks of hair of a deceased loved one in mourning brooches was quite normal. The production of mourning jewelry became a lucrative business in the 19th century as the Victorians were especially sentimental and keeping and wearing items that symbolized memento mori, a Latin phrase meaning "reminder of death", was a way of showing one's grief after the death of a loved one. Mourning jewelry became part of the fashion of the day and designers took full advantage of the trend, creating memento mori to reach a mass market.Today mourning jewellery is very collectible if not a little macabre.

 Mourning jewellery items included; watch fobs, necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings, watches, pendants and so on.

 Whether this is actually the Duke of Wellington's hair is another matter completely. Looking at his death mask in the National Portrait Gallery, London, he was almost bald?








P. J. Mene: Bronze Sculpure of a Horse Londonderry Mall Roadshow Edmonton

P J Mene - Bronze Horse

Pierre-Jules Mène. French Sculptor:




 P.J. Mène was one of the leading French sculptors of the 19th century. Mene was called an animalier sculptor who specialized in sculptures of animals. He was also self-taught and he would go to the zoos and observe animals.   Pierre Mene was born in Paris, France, in 1810 and many believe that he was the most commercially successful and prolific of all the French Animalier sculptors. Pierre Mene's father was a metal worker and he taught his son to work with metal at an early age. As a young man, Pierre Jules Mene earned his living making metal ornaments to decorate furniture and clocks. By the year 1837 Mene established his first foundry to cast bronze figures and in 1838 Mene exhibited his first bronze sculpture at the Paris Salon,.

He continued to exhibit his animal sculptures at the Paris Salon until his death in 1877. Over the years, he won a number of prizes for his work, including first class medals won at the London Exhibitions of 1855 and 1861.

Pierre Jules Mene Bronze Sculpure of a Horse.

  Mene sculpted a variety of animals including dogs, birds, sheep, rabbits and stags, but his favorite subject by far was horses. Among the animaliers, he is considered to be the master portrayer of horses. It is believed that Pierre Mene created more than 150 sculpture during his lifetime. Mene cast these pieces in relatively large numbers and sold them throughout Europe and the United States.After his death in 1877, Mene's son-in-law, Auguste Cane, continued to produce Pierre Mene's bronzes. When the foundry finally closed in 1892, many of the models were acquired by the Susse (or Swiss) Freres foundry, which continued to produce them well into the 20th century.

Good quality original works such as the one depicted here often have values up to the 8 to $10,000.00 dollar range if authentic.

P J Mene Bronze Signature

PJ Mene Signature



Julien Monier Bronze Nude

Moniere Bronze Nude










Mudies Napoleon Medal Collection






James Mudie's series of forty "National Medals" was published in 1820 by James Mudie and manufactured by Sir Edward Thomason in Birminham, England.The set of medals celebrate British triumphs in the Napoleonic wars and serve as a counter to the numerous, officially issued French medals glorifying the battles and events of Napoleon's reign.

They are all the same size, 41 millimeters as are the official Napoleonic medals. Most of the dies were created in France, some by the very artists who a few years before had been creating medals commemorating the events of the period as seen from a French perspective. The medals were offered for sale individually and in sets struck  in gold, silver and bronze. They also exist is white metal. No set in gold is now known to existThe medals are cased in the original box - in the form of a book of red leather bearing the crest of King George III in gold tooling on the front.

A set sold recently at auction in the UK for £2,250.00 GBP











Civil war bugle

49th Regiment HR No 7 Company Bugle










Stradivarius Violin Copy:


 We literally see hundreds of violins of all shapes and sizes on the Roadshow Tour in Canada with many hopefuls hanging onto the dream that they have a million dollar Stadivarius violin of their own under the bed. Sadly we haven't found one yet. But occasionally a fine shop built violin does appear out of the blue, like this fine example of a Parisien Stadivarius copy from around 1880



Parisien Stradivarius Violin copy Roadshow


















Maureen Wickham Moorcroft Honesty pattern vase

Roadshow Appraiser Maureen Wickham with the rare Moorcroft Vase

"Honesty" from the 1930's















 More staggeringly lovely Moorcroft pottery from Barrie:


 Moorcroft Pottery is a name that I always look for when doing the Roadshow, regardless of what city we are in. 

 The Moorcroft Factory was founded in 1912 by an English potter William Moorcroft who had begun his career in 1897 with a Staffordshire pottery, James Macintyre & Company. 

 Decoration on the hand thrown pottery shapes was carried out by the process called  tube-lining.  This is when slip (diluted clay) is used to create designs forming enclosed fields which then hold the liquid glaze.  Upon firing the pottery, the design stays within the tube lines the creating distinctive and classic patterns Moorcroft is famous for.  After William Moorcroft’s death in 1945, his son, Walter Moorcroft took over the Moorcroft company and they are still in business today.

 As an experienced antiques appraiser, I had my breath taken away in Barrie, Ontario in 2010 with one of the most impressive pieces of Moorcroft Pottery that I had ever seen.  The sheer size of 32cm (13”) was very large for a vase by the Moorcroft company and was a shouldered shape vase with a collar neck.  The Moorcroft deep blue ground overlayed with a rusty chocolate glaze made the tube lined design of honesty blooms practically disappear.  Under the vase’s collar and again at the shoulder were scrolling bands of an impressed foliage design.  It was no surprise to see the Moorcroft signature on the base as the vase exuded quality and style. 

The owner was very pleased to hear that she had a wonderful example of the famous Moorcroft Pottery in her possession.

The value of the Moorcroft vase you ask?

 Well that’s between my client and I,  I’m afraid.

This isn't the only piece of rare Moorcroft that Barrie has unearthed over the years.

This lovely Moorcroft Eventide vase above showed up way back in 2004.







Black Americana History

Black Cast Iron Bank







 Specifically called the Jolly Nigger Bank, cast money boxes like this in aluminium or cast iron with a moveable arm which deposited a coin into the mouth of the bank were commonplace, with many makers following suit in enterprising efforts to better one another in more complicated designs and fashions which even included moveable ears.

 Sydenham & McOustra in the UK made many variations of such banks some of which can fetch anything from $100.00 to thousands for the rarest examples.











BEATLES AUTOGRAPHS: Londonderry Mall Roadshow




Authentic Beatles memorabilia is big business though there are lots of fake and reproduction autographs out there:

 Its nice to see some absolutely authentic Beatles autographs which are absolutely real as the photo from the Montreal Gazette on the right, back in the 60's records for posterity.As a young woman, the owner of these Beatles autographs won a competition sponsored by the Gazette and met the fab four personally. They then autographed her Beatles Fan Club book individually.

 Get all four of the Beatles autographs together, genuine and well provenanced, you're looking at anything up to $12,000.00 US currently.


Beatles autograph










Six sided Hohner Harmonica







Six sided Hohner Harmonica



 German, Matthias Hohner, the harmonica maker who was originally a clockmaker, started making harmonicas by hand in 1857 with his wife and a single employee.  For working musicians who didn't have the time to change harmonica's which were individually tuned to a separate key, the six sided harmonica was invented. This musical instrument combines six harmonicas into a single component. All in all then, its just a single holder with six separate harmonicas attached to it. Each harmonica is tuned to a different key: C, D, F, G, A and B flat. Now the musician could simply turn the harmonica around when a different key was changed in the musical arrangement. The six sided harmonica has the largest tonal range available in any Hohner tremolo model. We saw three on the tour, two in Edmonton, with one prompted by Breakfast TV. Leslie Primeau 630 CHED News and Talk Radio, Edmonton, ran a competition called Primeau's Trash or Treasures to coincide with the Londonderry Mall Roadshow.This year the Roadshow are at Sherwood Park Mall May 16 -17-18. 2011

Maureen Wickham Brass Telescope Roadshow

Maureen Wickham with brass telescope.











The Koshashin Collection

Arlene Hall & her remarkable Koshashin Collection of rare early Japanese Photographs




Koshashin Photograph              






















 I am seldom taken aback by what we discover on the Canadian Roadshow tours because Canada is full of treasures. Fazed? Not really. Not that is until one day back in 2004 when a delightful lady called Arlene Hall walked in to the Roadshow at the Northgate Centre in Edmonton with four of her rare Japanese Tourist Photographs and set them down on the table. Unbeknown to me, she had a suitcase with her filled with over 800 more of these exceptionally rare and beautiful Koshashin photographs!

 This unique Canadian collection we believe is unparalleled and a truly historic reflection of Japan as it was 150 years ago.

 I was privileged and am proud to have been a part of its discovery which has now lead Arlene on to greater heights, deeper knowledge and understanding of her superlative collection which she has graciously made available to the Nation and has been exhibited widely.     FULL STORY































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