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 Be very wary of fake works of art sold as authentic prints which are signed convincingly; Dali, Picasso, Chagall or Miro. They may not be.

 As more and more bogus limited edition prints flood the art market,  it's Salvador Dali, as number one in the fake limited edition print stakes followed by, Marc Chagall, Joan Miro & our old friend Snr. Pablo Picasso all over again. They are the top four most faked artists in print and the most regular fakes of type we see.!




How do you spot a fake Picasso print, a fake Dali print a Joan Miro or a fake Chagall limited edition print ?


      Salvador Dali


In this report, watch $35,000.00 going down the drain as more fake Salvador Dali and Joan Miro limited edition prints emerge supported by bogus Certificates of Authenticity.

Written by art authentication expert David Freeman.



 If you own limited edition prints that you have invested heavily in which are supported by flowery Certificates of Authenticity, (called COA's in the trade) like the one on the right below, it may be a wise move to do some serious thinking about the authenticity and legitimacy of the actual certificate of authenticity itself and not just the authenticity of the print or the legitimacy of that signature and get them thoroughly checked out professionally.



 International art authentication experts the Freemanart Consultancy with bases in the USA, Canada, the UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany, see thousands of works of art each year, including a myriad of limited edition prints and naturally, all are purportedly originals, printed by and of course hand signed by the artist himself.

Though frankly it has to be said that in many cases, the ink, be it of the print itself or the artists signature, has hardly had time to dry at the time when the print is bought by an unknowing investor!

 Unless the fraudsters and dubious art dealers who encourage the manufacture of and sell these prints have a direct line to heaven and can get the deceased artist to sign the prints for them personally, both the prints and the so called 'original' signatures they purport to display are extremely questionable in the authenticity stakes.

But the fraudsters keep getting away with it.

 Fake Dali, Miro, Chagall and Picasso limited edition prints come in all shapes and guises and are in most cases supported as being authentic and legitimate Dali's and Picasso's by believable, flowery certificates of authenticity, presented to you by 'highly qualified individuals' who are far more qualified in cleverly deceiving you than you think!

 Recently, we had 3 totally separate authentication cases to review and each for individual clients who are not related in any way. With one exception. They bought them from the same source.

All came to us for reassurance that the art works they bought back in the 1980's as a sound investment for the future, are what they seemed to be at the time! Authentic.

 Between them, our clients are now down $35,000.00 having bought fake prints supported by bogus certificates of authenticity like this one>








 This is the first story about just two works of art both claiming to be Salvador Dali limited edition prints. Both prints are in fact fakes and with fake Certificates of Authenticity to give them believable credentials.

Titled: Santiago El Grande & St Jacques De Compostella by Salvador Dali the question was; were they legitimate Dail prints, or not by Salvador Dali at all?






The Fake Certificate of Authenticity:





          Joan Miro


















Fake Certificate of Authenticity

 Look more closely at this so called 'Certificate of Authenticity' above (right) and you will see that it has has huge loopholes in it semantically and in its clever design and layout. Problems which were never spotted or even looked for when the prints were bought.


 The Certificate of Authenticity illustrated here, supports the authenticity of a Salvador Dali art print purchased by our client, a highly regarded American medical doctor who invested heavily in works of art purportedly by Dali, Chagall and Miro back in the 1980's.

These so called authentic Salvador Dali limited edition prints were purchased from an art investment company that our client believed were both reputable and responsible (The art investment company in question hailed from Quebec in eastern Canada which is all I can say due to the legal ramifications of naming them!) Clearly, they were neither reputable nor responsible art advisors, only to themselves. As they were responsible for defrauding hundreds of unknowing individuals out of countless thousands of dollars and got away with it.

 With a view to selling his art investments one day and enjoying the long term profits promised by the art investment company in his retirement, the doctor turned to us for confirmation of the legitimacy and authenticity and for authentication of his limited edition Dali prints.


Below is the image of one of the Dali prints that our client bought.

It's title is recorded on the Certificate of Authenticity as;

"Santiago El Grande"  Published by Magui in 1984

This piece of paper cost him a cool $6,000.00 back in 1980.


Santiago El Grande" Salvador Dali?









 After some straightforward cross referencing and a study of the definitive Dali catalogue raisonne which records with absolute accuracy the legitimate graphic works and prints of Salvador Dali, the dreadful truth began to emerge.

*PLEASE NOTE: We have blocked out the name of the owner of the print which appeared on the Certificate of Authenticity for obvious reasons and also disguised the signature of the issuer of the authenticity certificate as well as the name of the company who originally sold the prints. This we had to do. 

It's because we would like to avoid getting sued for either the breach of the copyright of the certificate of authenticity or for defamation of the issuers character by naming the company who sold the fakes!   Nice?

 Now, the Dali catalogue raisonne documents and  records all legitimate, licensed or authentic works by or after Salvador Dali up to 1980. A critical year

That's because few sensible people in the industry rely or bother with the published catalogue raissones after 1980 and that's because after that year, if a work bears the signature of Salvador Dali, most respectable auctioneers & dealers are more than sceptical of it's authenticity.

So WHY sceptical you ask?

Salvador Dali did not sign any prints after 1980!



Print number 2 - Dali's Shakespear.


 The records tell us about this particular print in its 'legitimate' form .

"Salvador Dalí": Catalogue Raisonné of Prints II : Lithographs and wood engravings, 1956-1980 / edited by Ralf Michler and Lutz W. Löpsinger; with a foreword by Robert Descharnes.

Published by: Munich ; New York : Prestel, c1995."

IT CONFIRMS: The correct and original title of this print as: 

'St Jacques De Compostella' Executed in 1958.

Size 580 x 43.7 mm. Printed on Japon paper.

 It also tells us that there were only 3 official editions of this print made:

Edition 1- Is numbered in Roman Numerals 1 to XXV (1>25) printed on Japon Nacre paper.

Edition 2- Is numbered 1-50 and printed on Arches paper.

Edition 3- An additional impression numbered 51 to 172  was then printed on Rives paper.

There is also an Appendix attached relating to this work which reads:

"In 1981, at least 3 x 300 copies  (unofficial reproductions) were made on various papers with wide margins and forged Dali signatures"









So is this print a real Dali - Shakespear as

claimed on the certificate of authenticity?

Yes it is But it's also a repro!



In 2004, the Federal Trade Commission filed against the publishers of this work: Magui Publishers Inc.

It's now a matter of public record and so can legitimately become a part of this article if only as an illustration:


Entered into the Federal Register Vol 69. No 42. Wed. March 3rd 2004

FTC vs Magui Publishers Inc., 1991-1

Trade Cas. CCH 69,425 (C.D. Cal.March 28th 1991)

 The FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) alleged that defendants violated the FTC act section 5 by falsely representing that Salvador Dali had a role in the creation and production of this artwork, when in fact Dal was physically incapable of  participating in the production of print editions of his work and that the art prints were the work of the named artist or that they were authorised by the artist; order prohibits defendants in marketing any artworks, from falsely representing that any artwork displaying an original signature or edition size designation is the work of a particular artist.)


 FTC v. Magui Publishers, Inc., 1991-1 Trade Cas. (CCH) 69,425 (C.D. Cal. 1991) (deceptive certificates, promotional brochures and signed prints provided to retailers who passed these items on to consumers), aff'd, 9 F.3d 1551 (9th Cir. 1993).

 FTC 1991

The Commission obtained a judgement against Magui Publishers and its owner for producing and distributing fake prints by Salvador Dali.

 The court ordered the defendants to pay a whacking $1,960,000.00 "in disgorgment of unjust profits of distributing fake prints and permanently enjoined them from making any false or misleading claims or unsubstantiated representations about artworks by Salvador Dali or any other artist."





The clever stuff.

So, what were the missed warnings and what can we glean from a bogus certificate of authenticity?


1/ The official title of the Dali print shown above and the official catalogue raissone entry are entirely different.

Bit of a give away really and easy to spot.

There's a marked difference between St Jacques De Compostella and Shakespear is there not?


2/ The bogus certificate of authenticity openly admits however that this print: Is a 'NEW' and original Etching.

It doesn't say that in fact it's a reproduced photo lithographic variation of an etching though.


Comment: Yes, true to say, it is new and its 'original' too. VERY original - But not an original by Salvador Dali.

It's an original created by the publisher!

It's a brand new Salvador Dali limited edition print. It's 'their edition' and one with a title which does not appear in the catalogue raisonne! So they are entirely right in saying 'it's new' and it's not illegal to put that on the certificate. They are being open with you.


3/ The certificate of authenticity also tells us that the print is actually one of an edition of 334.

Well, in the official records, there is not an edition of 334!


 Cleverly, the fraudsters have admitted on the certificate of authenticity that this edition is one of an edition of 334 and of course it is indeed one of an edition of 334 limited edition prints. But it's one of 334 prints which are all new and have been photo mechanically reproduced, re- sized, renamed and authenticated by someone who does not tell us his name, position, qualifications or address Someone who just gives us a scribble of a signature at the bottom of the certificate of authenticity which seems very convincing!


The holes in the certificate of authenticity once again:


4/ The certificate of authenticity is carefully and illegibly signed. It's titled differently. (Most of course are and some with quite subtle differences like:'Napoleon' instead of Napoleon and the angels.)

 The certificate of authenticity gives no confirmation of the Dali print authenticators name, his credentials, his address nor his qualifications to authenticate the print in the first place. None of this information appears on the certificate of authenticity. Neither does the certificate of authenticity bear a phone number.

Obviously the authenticator doesn't want to be contacted for any reason by anybody at any time!!!!

Helen of Troy from the Homage

a Homere Suite Real or fake?n













 Same company would you believe, same style of selling and dodgy certificate of authenticity. Same bogus titling and non conformity to the official size or numbering or entry in the Miro catalogue raisonne.




Invested & lost was $7,000.00 back in 1990!




Joan Miro. "Katalonian"

But this Miro print is signed (bottom right) so it must be OK I here you say?

Not so I am afraid.

Below, the real thing.

A 'certified as authentic' Miro signature from a bone fide and authentic Miro print of the same time frame.


Authentic Miro signature

COMPARE the two:

Just a tad different wouldn't you say? Similar enough but the construction does differ.





So where do these fake prints originate from?




 Remember; Bogus limited edition prints, if bought at a presentation are often seemingly supported in an ambiguous way. They may be offered on board a principal Caribbean holiday cruise line, or a major hotel chain where these 'investment opportunity presentations' often take place.


NOTE: These events are paid for 'by the presenter' and NOT sponsored by the venue holder or its owners. A clever ploy!

Because the stature of the hosts brand name and the nature of the venue gives you additional confidence to buy, many of us may feel that the cruise line or hotel itself is actually backing it !

It's almost a guarantee of respectability by the nature of it taking place there in the first place.

But sadly that's entirely your own interpretation.


The hosts of the art investment presentation, the hotel or holiday cruise line, are just selling the space for the event. Nothing else.

A very clever bit of subconscious marketing on behalf of the seller isn't it?

 These prints may also sold through what is seemingly a 'reputable gallery' like these all were, or through a convincing and promising mail order firm. So it is easy to see how thousands of highly intelligent people made and still persist in making gigantic errors of judgement and in the process loose millions between them to these scams.











Here it is:  A GENUINE - 'Fake' Miro signature

Fake Miro signature








Joan Miro Lithograph
Femme et Oiseau









 Sadly, these very same works of art still appear regularly at auction, both on line (you know who with an E on the front ) and through auction houses in major cities in North America.

I find it infuriating that in researching this particular company (who took my clients for thousands) appear as entries on the internet search engines .


 There are half a dozen search engine results for works of this kind, all supplied by this particular firm and all the prints and art products are supported by useless Certificates of Authenticity. (See below)


The auction house let out is always:   "Buyer Beware"


 So it's your own fault, that is if you don't check it out first before you buy it and they completely wash their hands of the affair if you get it wrong. And you will!

Do remember; if your purchase of a limited edition or an art print is supported by a Certificate of Authenticity (a COA) it is 'supported' as far as they are concerned, but it's not necessarily legitimate.

End of story.


Not quite:




 As I said earlier, it is extremely difficult to name any of the individuals particularly the sources of these art print investment purchases as it it litigious to do so.

However, it is both interesting if not intriguing that Web Site Statistics show many people in North America and Canada are using the following search strings on Google and Yahoo in order to ascertain information about their Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Marc Chaglall and Salvador Dali limited edition prints......

But we cannot fathom for the life of us why?



These search string entries included:

Intercontinental Fine Art, Quebec and Montreal - Intercontinental Fine Art Quebec, Montreal Intercontinental fine art, Intercontinental fine art Picasso print - Quebec Intercontinental fine art - Dali limited edition print, Intercontinental Picasso prints, fake Picasso signatures, signature, Canadian limited edition prints, cruise line, cruise ship auction, Carribean cruise ship auction, Carribean cruise ship fine art auction. Picasso fakes, Picasso fake signature. Certificate of Authenticity, spotting a fake Dali. Picasso fraud. Authenticating Picasso print, fake Picasso signature.

Print signed by Dali. Picasso fakes

If you know any reason why these searches are so, we would be pleased to hear from you?




Counterfeit prints are often so well produced that few people can tell the real thing from a fake.

Do remember to take professional advice before you buy.


Joan Miro Lithograph
Lezard aux Plumes

Original and authentic??? What do you think?














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Below are just some of the Salvador Dali Limited Edition Print titles:
Just a handful of the Dali titles of his limited edition prints: And these are just the A' s !!!

Their description, spelling and accuracy can be as you can see, very different when offered for sale to what they actualy really are in the catalogue raisonne.

Question is. Is yours authentic?

DALI, SALVADOR                     Alhambra   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Alhambra              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Anguished Angel            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Art dans les Bijoux au profit des petits lits blancs      

DALI, SALVADOR                     Aspiration  

DALI, SALVADOR                     Calderon:la vie est un songe,combat de cavaliers    

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Cervantes             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Char tire par des elephants             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Chevaliers de la Table Ronde                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Christ                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Chronos                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dance        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dantes Entruckung                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dernier venu de la derniere planete       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Divine Comedie                        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Divine Comedie              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Don Quixote                            

DALI, SALVADOR                     Don Quixote                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Cid                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Greco               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Greco                         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Elijah            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Engel                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Escorial       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Esplanade des Invalides                            

DALI, SALVADOR                     Esplanade des Invalides                 

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Falscher      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Falsificateur                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        From:Playing Cards Suite                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Garden of Nudes                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        General de Gaulle                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Glanz Beatricen's           

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Goddess               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Golden Helmet of Mambrino            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Heart of Madness                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Heilige Krieg                            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Icare            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Landscape with fluid clock                         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Landscape with Spanish ship                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Last Supper                            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Master and Squire                 

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Meduse                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Meissonnier                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Melted Phone                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Memoires du Surrealisme                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Narcisse      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Narcisse                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Orpheus Descending                        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Pegase       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Place de la Concorde              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Port of Cadaques                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Porte Saint-Denis                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Power of Thought                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Slave Market       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Songes drolatiques de Pantagruel di Rabelais  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Such die Truffel             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Surrealist Composition  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Taurus                 

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Untitled      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Vanishing Face                        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Velazquez   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Alhambra    

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Anguished Angel            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Art dans les Bijoux au profit des petits lits blancs                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Aspiration             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Calderon:la vie est un songe,combat de cavaliers     

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Cervantes   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Char tire par des elephants                       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Chevaliers de la Table Ronde                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Christ         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Chronos                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dance        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dantes Entruckung      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dernier venu de la derniere planete       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Divine Comedie                                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Divine Comedie                                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Don Quixote        

DALI, SALVADOR                    Don Quixote        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Cid         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Greco               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Greco     

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Elijah            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Engel                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Escorial       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Esplanade des Invalides                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Esplanade des Invalides                            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Falscher      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Falsificateur         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        From:Playing Cards Suite               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Garden of Nudes                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        General de Gaulle                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Glanz Beatricen's            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Goddess     

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Golden Helmet of Mambrino

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Grande Place des vosges,du Temps de Louis XIII     

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Hand with Quill              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Heart of Madness         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Heilige Krieg                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Icare            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Landscape with fluid clock                         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Landscape with Spanish ship                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Last Supper        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Master and Squire

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Meduse                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Melted Phone                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Memoires du Surrealisme                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Narcisse                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Narcisse                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Orpheus Descending              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Pegase                 

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Place de la Concorde    

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Port of Cadaques                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Porte Saint-Denis                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Power of Thought                            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Purgatory #30               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Sans titre    

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Slave Market       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Songes drolatiques de Pantagruel di Rabelais  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Such die Truffel   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Surrealist Composition                      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Taurus       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Untitled

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Vanishing Face              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Velazquez             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      5. Gesang:Erneuter Anblick Beatrices     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      6e diel de Jupiter                             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      8 Todsunden                 

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      A caza de mondadientes                           

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abricot                 

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abricot Chevalier

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abschied von Marilyn Monroe                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abstract Composition              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abstract Figure                        

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie de Francais             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie de Paris                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie des Beaux Arts                          

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie Francaise               

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie Paris    

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ace of Clubs                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ace of Clubs,King of Clubs,Queen of Clubs and Jack of Clubs         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ace of Cups                   

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Achimiste              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adam and Eve               

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adam in the Garden of Eden                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adam og Eva                 

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adam,Eva and the Apple                       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adoration              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adoubement de Lancelot                                    

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Advice from a Caterpillar                                     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Aeroplane                       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Affe und der Leopard                       


DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Afghan Invisible             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      After 50 Years of Realism; Transworld Art, English Edition         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Agony of Love               


DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Al matadero                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Al rio creyendo que era mozuela              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Albrecht Durer                         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchemie des Philosophes                

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchemist    

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchemiste            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimie de philosphes                      

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimie des Philosophes,Paris,Arts et Valeurs  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimie des Philosophes:Roi et la Reine         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimie des Philosophes:Ying et le Yang                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimist     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimiste             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alexandre le Grand      

DALI, SALVADOR                   Alexandre le Grand                          

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]    Alhambra, from Spain             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]    Alhyah        

DALI, SALVADOR  [ATTRIB]      Alice    In      

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alice in Wonderland                                   

DALI ,SALVADOR[ ATTRIB]      Alice's Adventures in Wonder Land         

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Aliyah                     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Aliyah Series                            

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alle des Verges    

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Allee des verges             

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Allium christophi pilique pubescentes      

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      All's Well that Ends Well                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alpes   In      

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alpes,Normandie,Roussillon,Paris,Alsace,Auvergne                           

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alsace        

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alte mann und das Meer                 

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alter             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Am Gesang des 7 Hollenkreises                

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Am Rand des 7.Hollenkreises                                       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amazone              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amazone und Hirsch                        

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      American Flag     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      American Inventions:the Aeroplane                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      American Trotting Horse No. 2                 

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amoreux     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amour jaunes                          

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amoureux    In      

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amours Celebres            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amours de Cassandre                                 

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amours Jaunes              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amours jaunes de Trestan Coriere            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Amplesso Allucinogano  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ampoule a incandescence                         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ampoule Incandescence                            

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ananas                           

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Andromeda

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Anemone per anti pasti                                       

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange aux Tiroirs            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange cubiste                           

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange de Cadaques                           

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange de la melancholie                                       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange de l'alchimie                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange dechu                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange et Surrealisme Dada                         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Angel Gabriel      

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Angel of Dada Surrealism                          

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Angel of the Rebirth                                   

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Angel with two Figures                   

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Angeli dell'Empireo       

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Angelic Figure     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Angelus                

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Anges au Port Lligat               

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Angesichts der Konigin                             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Animaux Malades de la Peste                             

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Animaux malades de la peste                  

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Animaux Malades de la Peste                             

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ankunft au St. Samson                   

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Annonce d'un Grand Evenenment  

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Antecendentes de los tripodes fotograficos                

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Anthony & Cleopatra              

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Anthropomorphic Peach                            

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Antimaterien Schmetterlinge                      

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Anxiety       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Aparition de ma Cousine Carolinetta       

DALI, SALVADOR ATTRIB]      Aparte las glandulas salivares        

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Aphrodite von Melos                         

DALI SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apocalypse  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apollinaire Suite  [Frontispiece]        

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apollinaire.Poemes secrets                                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apollon                           

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apotheose             

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apotheose du Dollar               

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apparatus at Hand                           

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Appareil en Main            

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apparition             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apparition de l'ancetre  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apparition du Christ                                   

DALI SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apparition if the Rose                       

DALI ,SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Apparition lointane                           



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