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The Battle of Jutland

Tracing HMS Revenge crew WWI - |Battle of Jutland| Harry Freeman Bedworth

HMS Revenge British Battleship

HMS Revenge

Harry Freeman, Boy RN HMS Revenge

Harry Freeman RN

Boy - HMS Revenge



This was Harry Freeman from Bedworth who served on the Revenge in WW1.

Rank; Boy - 2nd class Royal Navy 1915 and Something of a Lad!

Harry Freeman Boy Royal Navy, from Bedworth, Warwickshire.

Harry Freeman. Boy 2-RN



Admiral Sir Charles Madden,  Staff, Officers and Men of HMS Revenge, 1918


Thanks go to Kate Swiggs for sending this image in of the Revenge Crew after Scapa in 1918. Four enlasrged sections appear in the crew photos below for you to search for an image of your relative. Let us know if you find him.



Ships Crew of HMS REVENGE ~ 1916-18

We are looking for information on Harry Freeman's comrades, his shipmates and friends on HMS Revenge durin g WW1. Any of the ships company, sailors and crewmen who were on HMS Revenge with Harry during WW1 and at the Battle of Jutland.

The newly built pride of the Navy, HMS Revenge was launched with the Great War looming.

She had a complement of between 997 to 1,150 officers and men, yet we know little about her crew nor those who served on her.

In particular, we would like to identify members of the ships company that can be seen in the old photographs below.

These are special images which my Grandfather clearly treasured and kept all his life in his old black wallet.

They must have been very good friends indeed.



2nd Lt Tom Freeman WWI

2nd Lt Tom Freeman WWI


(Left) This photo which has just emerged from a box of treasures saved by my uncle recently deceased, was Harry's greatest treasure. A photograph of the man that gave rise to Harry Freeman's career in the Navy.

  He was 2nd Lieutenant Tom Freeman from Beworth, 6th Btn., Northamptonshire Regiment and Harry's older brother. Tom was a fine soldier who served on the Somme with the 1st Royal Marine Light Infantry (1RMLI) and like so many, never came home.

 By February 1917 the 1RMLI had moved back into the trenches at Pusieux,  just north of the Ancre river on the Somme in northern France. On the evening of 16th February the men prepared for an assault against the German's who had taken up positions along the sunken road. At 0500am on 17th February, as they formed up ready for the attack, the Germans opened up with a devastating artillery barrage aimed directly on the British assembly area, the position tipped off it seems by a deserter and captured documents.

 As a result the battalion lost m0re than half its men, even before the attack had even begun. Caught in the open, they didn't stand a chance. Tom Freeman died age 22 & is buried at Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcour.




Regina Trench cemetery

University of London Officers Training Corps, Roll of War Service, 1914-1919
Regina Trench Cemetery,  Grandcourt


Harry Freeman in Dress uniform of HMS Revenge with his sisters;

Sarah Elizabeth Freeman, (Lizzie) and Ciceley May Freeman (Cissy) Who latterly owned the Sweet shop in Wooton St. in Bedworth.





Harry Freeman RN HMS Revenge




Tom Poole

Crew of the REVENGE 1916-18

The photographs that follow are of just of some of the crew members that Harry Freeman of Bedworth, Warwickshire, a boy stoker, served with on HMS Revenge, between 1st February 1916 and 9th February 1919.

More specifically, throughout the Battle of Jutland.

If you recognise a relative amongst them, perhaps your Great Grandfather or a Great Uncle, please feel free to contact me and we can identify them here on this web site:

So far there are just nine crewmen identified!

Crewmen  of the HMS REVENGE

Back row Right: Thomas Henry Poole. To his left; Harry Freeman

Many thanks to Trevor Hodges for identifying his Grandfather


HMS Revenge badge



 The Royal Sovereign class battleship HMS Revenge, under the command of Captain Edward Buxton Kiddle was involved in her first action, at the Battle of Jutland on the 31st May and 1st June 1916. She engaged the German light cruiser SMS Weisbaden and the battle-cruiser the Derfflinger. Scoring five hits on the Derfflinger and briefly fired on the battle cruiser SMS Von der Tann, with a single hit.

Revenge successfully out manoeuvred four attacks by torpedo and late one evening sighted and engaged a German zeppelin L11 with her AA guns.



* * * * * * *






HMS REVENGE Christmas card 1918 - bearing Verse IX. of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem; The "Revenge" A Ballad of the Fleet.

Many thanks to Joy Baggaley from Vancouver in Canada, for sending us these, her father’s treasured mementos from his time on the Revenge in 1918.

We would be interested to learn what the silk embroidery below was created for.





HMS Revenege gun turrets

Admiral Buxton Kiddle

Admiral Edward Buxton Kiddle

Captain of the Revenge

at the battle of Jutland.




Post Cards from Revenge:

Sent by Harry Freeman to his sister


HM King George between the guns




The safest place in all the world is the place of duty.

Gods wings are over it and Gods peace guards it.






HMS REVENGE Crewman -Unknown

Unknown Sailor





HMS Revenge Crewmen and ratings

ABOVE^( Circled) William Ryan, Grandfather of Moira Hannam.
Directly behind him a very young  Harry Freeman
from Bedworth, in Warwickshire.

Oliver Lockhart, was chief stoker and may be here also?

Jacob Newell was also a stoker and is still not identified in this picture.

Bottom row, far right. We believe this to be  Albert John (Jack) Hancock. Stoker Petty Officer




HMS Revenge Crewmen

^Far right above with two Revenge ratings on the front row, (a Stoker on the left) ,  is Walter. E Lintern - Royal Marines #16402 1914. Holder of the Star and clasp. (Awarded to those who had served under fire or who had operated within range of enemy mobile artillery in France or Belgium during the period between 5 August and 22 November 1914) (Image courtesy of his Grandson, Steve Lowder.)

 Though it is a little difficult to confirm, the other five men are soldiers. Three, like Walter are Royal Marines wearing the Globe & Laurel insignia and the other two we believe are Grenadiers, based on their flaming grenade badges. 3 of them have single chevrons on their left arms which would indicate a rank of Lance Corporal.

Sadly, apart from Walter, who we now know, was wounded in Europe and spent some time on board a hospital ship. We know not the identities of any of these other men.






Torpedomen on the Revenge

Torpedomen on the Revenge

Recently identified - Front Row, bottom left, hatless - Robert Thomas Wills.

Thanks to Kern Deremaux, his Great, Great Grandson for identifying him.




Crew of HMS Revenge

Some of the crew of HMS Revenge between

1916 and 1919.

Immediately to the right of the capstan we believe is Reginald Sidney Ash
the father of Mr. Richard Ash of Salisbury, East South Australia.

Our thanks to him for contacting us


More HMS Revenge sailors, this time from 1919. Marine, Walter Lintern's collection

An Interesting message on the barrel and a strange looking animal held by the sailor centre bottom row???

Image courtesy of Walter's Grandson, Steve Lowder





ABOVE  "The Bhoys"  31 Mess   H.M.S. Revenge    June 1918

David James Lewis - middle row, 4th from the right

Courtesy his Granddaughter Josephine Wheldon



Below Full Ships Company photo HMS Revenge

'Admiral Sir Charles Madden,  Staff, Officers and Men of  HMS Revenge, 1918'


Above: Far left  detail of Crew Photo 'Admiral Sir Charles Madden,  Staff, Officers and Men of  HMS Revenge, 1918'

Second section to the right of the above image

^Next section to the right of the above image

Admiral Sir Charles Madden,  Staff, Officers and Men of HMS Revenge, 1918 Far Right Section






Latest uploaded 20.11.18



 The photo on the right of Torpedoman, A Wilson HMS Revenge, was taken by the grandfather of  David Halsted - a man called John Guthrie who served in the Kings Liverpool Regiment and travelled to Northern Germany with the occupying forces in late 1918/early 1919, where he served until March 1920. He sailed from Liverpool and was stationed on the Rhine near Bonn.
David believes his grandfather probably took the photograph in his home town of Burnley. He also took many other portrait photographs of servicemen whilst he was in Germany. This  photograph was found within that set of negatives.

 We are garteful to David for this valuable contribution.


Thomas Henry Poole (1899-1987)

Thomas Henry Poole RN. (1899-1987)



  This colour tinted photograph is of Thomas Henry Poole (K62202), born in Tiverton in Devon. He is photographed sitting next to Harry Freeman at the top of this web page as a young man who'd recently joined HMS Revenge.

  Thomas entered the Royal Navy on 2nd June 1915 at 16 years of age, serving on HMS Revenge throughout the Battle of Jutland as a Boy Signalman.

  He signed on for a further twelve years in 1917 and became only one of three men known to have served throughout the duration of the Second World War on HMS Venomous, a W class destroyer.

  Venomous played a full and vital role in escorting troop ships and convoys in the Southwestern Approaches and English Channel at the start of the conflict and in the evacuation of Dunkirk. Making five separated voyages to France, rescuing near  four and a half thousand men.

  Continuing her escort duties until the end of the war, HMS Venomous was assigned to the Western Mediterranean and Arctic, defending convoys.

 Thomas' Grandson was recently successful in obtaining the 'Arctic Star' for his Grandfather posthumously.


Hugh C Pook was the Chief Gunner of H.M.S. REVENGE



harry Glover RN

Harry Glover. Boy Seaman:

Pictured wearing his campaign medals inj the 30's in his role as a St John's Ambulance man.

<Hugh C Pook was the Chief Gunner of H.M.S. REVENGE at THE BATTLE OF JUTLAND. Seen here an the Royal Yatch, Victoria & Albert later in his career in the Navy..

Private Thomas Burke RN

Private Thomas Burke

  In a newspaper article which appeared in the Burnely News, 14th June 1916, Thomas Burke described the ‘race’ at Jutland as ‘most thrilling.’

“Alongside the Revenge being HMS Hercules, HMS Agincourt and HMS Marlborough. On sighting the enemy, the Marlborough was first to get to grips. The other three quickly following. The roar of the four pouring forth their deadly shots at the slowly retreating enemy was incredible. Suddently one of the German cruisers was blown almost out of the water and broke in two. Of the four ships, the Marlborough suffered the worst and had to retire from the fight. Burke had not yet had his 19th birthday and is proud of being in the first round.
  He declared that the crew of the Revenge regretted that the Grand German Fleet did not stay to have, “ The day!”





Helbert Reginald Robert. Second Lieut. HMS Revenge

Herbert Reginald Robert. Second Lieut. HMS Revenge, 05.18.

Born 12.05.1898 in Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

Died tragically having survived both wars in 1946 in an air crash near Perth.


Albert John (Jack) Hancock HMS Revenge

Albert John (Jack) Hancock
Stoker Petty Officer


Thomas Seamark RN

Thomas Seamark Boy RN, J39987 Born in Northampton

12.6.1898. Changed his name to Millward in South Africa whilst serving on Revenge. Photographed as a Rating on board HMS Europa ( Diadem Class Cruiser )

Gunner Robert Stewardson RMA

Gunner Robert Stewardson RMA 214631 (D) from Tansley in Derbyshire,

served aboard HMS. Revenge from 1916 to 1920 and at Jutland.

He latterly re enrolled to complete and admirable 27 years service in the

Royal Navy and became a despatch rider in 1944.

Many thanks to Joy Baggaley from Vancouver in Canada,
for sending us her father’s


^ Able Seaman - Gunner David James Lewis. HMS Revenge. Service number WZ/2118

(01-03-1894 - 08-08-1970) - 31 Mess (see photo in above crew photos section) Wearing  his number one uniform, his blues and right, photographed wearing his tropical whites. David proudly served on H.M.S. Revenge at the Battle of Jutland. Good conduct stripe on left arm, Gunnery insignia above right elbow. Awarded Jutland medal.

 Born in Blaina, Monmouthshire in 1894, David Lewis parents moved to Gloucestershire when he was in infant where he was brought up in Redbrook, a village on the banks of the Wye and eventually worked at the Tinplate Works there. He later moved to work at the Tinworks at Abertillery, Monmouthshire.

 He volunteered for Naval Service in 1915, did his Naval training at Portsmouth and served on H.M.S. Revenge from February 1916 to February 1919 and saw action at The Battle of Jutland.   David married Elsie Cuff in July 1919 and they had two children. David & Elsie lived in Abertillery, Hay-on-Wye & finally Hereford where he died in 1970.

 We are grateful for the Information and images sent to us courtesy of his grandaughter - Josephine Wheldon.






If you are related or know any of these HMS Revenge crewmen or knew Harry Freeman,  please get in touch with us.


Battleship HMS Revenge (left) and coal fired Hercules

Battleship HMS Revenge (left) and coal fired Hercules at sea on 31 May 1916, shortly before the Battle of Jutland.








 On the 21st November 1918, the whole of Imperial German Navy steamed into the Firth of Forth to surrender.

The German battle fleet were accompanied by American and French ships, the British Grand Fleet, including 33 battleships and 90,000 men who were assembled to witness a once in a lifetime moment.

 Harry Freeman and his comrades were amongst them......with Revenge then at the Southern Base, just off Rosyth and about a mile west of the Forth Bridge. The 'boys' were all assembled on deck to salute and cheer (cheering ship) the Oak with the King on the bridge as she passed in line, the whole assembled fleet. Later the King accompanied by Sir Charles Madden came on board Revenge to great cheering from the ships crew.

One account:

"It was GOOD! The "QUEEN ELIZABETH" (Admiral Beatty's ship) lay practically abreast us about half a mile off - [...] At 2.15 we saw the barge and a picket boat leave "Q.E." [...] After having inspected "NEW YORK" and "LION" (and just as we had got back to Office from tea) the barge hove in sight and passing right beneath our stern, the King, Prince of Wales, and admirals galore came aboard here for tea. The ship's company was, of course, on deck..."


Surrender of the German Navy Firth of Forth

Surrender of the German Navy - Firth of Forth





Contact us if you can add to this list. CLICK HERE

^ HMS Revenge Flag Ship First Battle Squadron -Postcard. Courtesy Josephine Wheldon.

HMS REvenge



HMS Revenge + HMS Royal Oak beyond.

HMS Revenge + HMS Royal Oak beyond.


Harry Freeman RN, was also assigned to other HM Ships:

HMS Impregnable. A pre sailing training ship for boys at Devonport

HMS Vivid

HMS Oropesa an armed merchant cruiser

HMS St Vincent, dreadnought class battleship.

and HMS Revenge

HMS St Vincent WW1

HMS St Vincent

HMS St Vincent was the lead ship of her class of three dreadnought battleships built for the Royal Navy in the first decade of the 20th century. She spent her whole career assigned to the Home and Grand Fleets and often served as a flagship. This postcard carried by Harry Freeman Boy RN., in his a wallet all his life.




Young Harry Freeman saw action against the following vessels:



SMS Seydlitz German Battlecruiser

SMS Seydlitz -  German Battlecruiser


Photographed again after she was torpedoed.

SMS Seydlitz German Battlecruiser Damaged

SMS von der Taan

SMS von der Taan

SMS Derfflinger

SMS Derfflinger



Damage inflicted on the Derrflinger by Revenge

Damage inflicted on the Derrflinger by HMS Revenge


SMS Kaiser

SMS Kaiser


SMS Hindenburg

SMS Hindenburg














The Revenge Crew.

Who were the 1,150 Men and Boys on the HMS Revenge?


 It is amazing that only a century on, following the battle of Jutland, the names of the officers and men that made up the full compliment and ships crew of HMS Revenge, on the whole, remained largely anonymous. Until now.

Here is an ever growing list of names that have identified. Men who have lived on and who are mentioned at least somewhere.

All were crewmen serving on HMS Revenge during her WW1 war years:


In no particular order: Blue indicates that we have at least tried to research that person, sometimes with success.


Harry Freeman, Boy RN. ~ J 38141. Born 15.May 1899, and only 14 according to his birth certificate when he signed up! His parents, Tom and Mary Ann Freeman, 165, Church St. Bedworth, \ Listed Warwickshire in 1901.   Obviously knew he was underage!    Harry, died in 1969.

Evan Jukes-Hughes; Officer of "Y" Turret, Captain Royal Marine Light Infantry. For valuable services in H.M. Ships "Revenge" and "Ramillies," 1st Battle Squadron. Awarded OBE. D 1958
Walter K. Conlon; Torpedo Officer, Lieutenant-Commander .B 1886 - d 1957 Exmoor Devon
Harry Pursey; Torpedo Petty Officer. Later a Labour Member of Parliament. Born in Sidmouth Devon 1891 — d 13 December 1980 . In 1917 he was promoted to the rank of gunner and saw service in the Aegean aboard Forward anf mentioned in despatches for his role in the evacualtion of Lesbos.
He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1920. In 1926 he was posted to HMS Benbow. He was then promoted to Lieutenant-Commander in February 1928, and transferred to HMS Vernon in April. In May 1929 he was appointed to HMS Eagle and in March 1931 to HMS Hood.

He retired in 1936. After a long career as Labour MP for Kingston Upon Hull he announced in 1967 that he would resign at the next election, and was succeeded by John Prescott.

His obituary in The Times described him as "the first naval officer promoted from the lower deck" to enter Parliament.
Eric Wheler Bush; the youngest man ever to be awarded the D.S.C. in history. 14 Mar 1916. We know not the circumstances?

Born in 1899; educated at Stoke House, Stoke Poges, Royal Naval College, Osborne and Royal Naval College, Dartmouth; Midshipman, HMS BACCHANTE, 1914; present at Battle of Heligoland Bight, 28 August 1914; took part in defence of Suez Canal Jan-Mar 1915; served at Gallipoli, 1915; Midshipman, HMS REVENGE, 1916; served in North Sea, 1916-1918; present at Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916; Sub-Lt, 1917; Lt, 1920; served in East Indies and East Africa, 1921-1924; served on HMS THUNDERER and HMS EREBUS; served at China Station, 1926-1928; Lt Cdr, 1927; graduated from RN Staff College, Greenwich, 1931; Cdr, 1933; Capt, 1939; Chief of Staff and afterwards Capt, Auxiliary Patrol, Dover Command, 1939-1940; commanded HMS EURYALUS, Mediterranean, 1941-1943; took part in Malta Convoys, 1942, and Battle of Sirte, 1942; Senior Officer, Assault Group S3, Normandy, France, 1944; commanded HMS MALAYA; Chief of Staff, Naval Force 'W', South East Asia Command, 1945; commanded HMS GANGES, Boys' Training Establishment, Shotley, Suffolk, 1946-1948; retired list, 1948; died in 1985. Publications: How to become a Naval Officer (Special Entry) (Gieves, London, 1935); Bless our ship (George Allen and Unwin, London, 1958); The flowers of the sea (editor) (George Allen and Unwin, London, 1962); How to become a Naval Officer (Cadet Entry) (George Allen and Unwin, London, 1963); Salute the soldier (editor) (George Allen and Unwin, London, 1966); Gallipoli (George Allen and Unwin, London, 1975),

He later became a successful naval author.

Allen, James

Bannister, Albert Edward

Allison, Thomas
Peveril Barton Reibey Wallop William-Powlett; who later became a Vice-Admiral and Commander-in-Chief, South Atlantic.
Mark Charles Thomas Pizey; Midshipman, but later Admiral and Commander-in-Chief Plymouth and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Indian Navy

Claude Choules served as a senior rating on the Revenge from 1915 till the end of WW1. hewas to become the longest surviving member of the crew, passing away in in 2011 in a nursing home in Australia where he emigrated in 1920. He was 110 years of age.
Sidney Banks; Boy sailor.
Ernest Westnutt; Petty Officer. Born in Northamptonshire in 1894 and enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1911. In World War I served in HMS Revenge (Battle of Jutland). He was discharged to the Royal Naval Reserve in 1922 and recalled for World War II serving as a petty Officer on HMS Hood.
H.C. Pook; Chief Gunner H.M.S. REVENGE. Won a Russian Medal of St Anne entitlement following Jutland and also served on The Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert.

Thomas Bernard Drew, Lieutenant-Commander R.N. For valuable services in H.M.S. "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron. Awarded Order of the British Empire
Henry Hughes; OC Cdr. Navigating Commander

William Rattey. Engineer Commander (acting Engineer Captain), R.N. For valuable services as Engineer Officer of H.M.S. "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron.

Awarded the OBE.

Banks, Thomas Additer

Arthur James Libby born in Plymouth, Devon, in 1896.

Edward Aubrey Guy Wilkinson, B.A.Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander , R.N. For valuable services in H.M.S. "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron, OBE
Albert Bryant, Lieutenant Commander, Acting Boatswain was born in 1883
Edward Lavender Rodd, Alias Berry - Gunner, born in Islington, London, in 1895.
Richard Charles Watson was born in Saltash, Cornwall 1897

Arthur Hubert Bailey, Gunner R.N. For valuable services in H.M. Ships "Iron Duke" and "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron. Awarded the OBE.
Jeremiah Buckley - Sailmaker was born in Queenstown, Cork, Ireland in 1872
Thomas Simm - Ordinary Seaman was born in Barnsley, Yorkshire, in 1896,
John Shenstone Prescott-Roberts – Lieutenant, born in 1889
William Cripps - Ship's Corporal 1st Class, born in Bath, Somerset, in 1892
Arthur Stanley Ewart Johns, born in Ohio, America 1894.
John Thomas Haydon, born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, 1892
Albert Mills was born in Birkenhead, Cheshire, in 1897.
Thomas Charles Powell, was born in Exeter, Devon, in 1896.
Frederick Edgcombe was born in Saltash, Cornwall, in 1896.
Samuel Thomas was born in Swansea, Glamorgan, in 1891.
Lewis Johns was born in Penzance, Cornwall, in 1896.
William Albert Baker 2nd Cook's Mate was born in Exeter, Devon, Birth: 4/06/ 1896. M14250
Charles Frederic Jones, born in Stockport, Cheshire, in 1897.
James Clark was born in Cumberland, in 1893.

Matthew Samuel Bradby, Midshipman R.N. For valuable services in H.M.S. "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron. Awarded the OBE.
Cecil Berry Electrical Artificer 4th Class was born in Plymouth, Devon, 20/11/1894 Service #M11466
John William Spencer was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, in 1892.
William Henry Richard was born in Plymouth, Devon, in 1891.

? Williams able seaman HMS Revenge. His photo appeared in the 1914 08 Dec South Wales Echo. ( yet to be sourced.)
Henry Beaufort Mildred was born in Middlesborough, Yorkshire, in 1881.
Ernest William Jennings was born in Ashburton, Devon, in 1896.

Baker, Frank Roberts

Berthon, Charles Pierre Born 15.02.1893 Education: RN Colleges, Osborne & Dartmouth. Joined RN 15.01.1906. Lieutenant Commander (Emergency) in the Royal Navy 15th January 1906. Distinguished Naval Career both Wars. Became a Capt. (E) 30.06.1939 and R.Adm. (E)02.10.1945 (retd 22.02.1949) Awarded CBE 11.12.1945 and MID 01.01.1942 Died 11.03.1965 [Deddington, Oxford ]
Samuel Bartram Electrical Artificer 4th Class was born in London, 8/07/1887 .
William Fishwick, born in Wigan, Lancashire, in 1893

Binmore, George

Bird, Arthur Frederick

Bird, Harold Charles
Harold Herbert Hill, Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class, HMS Revenge, born in Leeds, Yorkshire, in 1887.

Helbert Reginald Robert. Served from 17., S Lieut. 05.18. Later in career Commander. Born 12.05.1898 Maitland, New South Wales, Australia. Served a lengthy and distinguished career in the Navy including the duration of the Second WW, Submarine Flotilla . (KIA, air accident C47 transport aircraft at Gooseberry Hill ) [age 46] 19.04.1945. Buried Perth War Cemetery
William Henry Cole, born in Taunton, Somerset, in 1892.
Ernest Leslie Robertson was born in Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland in 1894.
Frederick Norman Wills was born in Bodmin, Cornwall, in 1895.
James Younger, born in Burntisland, Fifeshire, Scotland in 1893.

Basson, William
Cecil George Leonard Bineham Reeve, was born in Devonport, Devon, on 25 February 1889.

H S Hay. APO. 238067 - Long Service Good Conduct medal
James Evans was born in Cawsand, Cornwall, in 1889.

Beacon, William Henry
Richard Valentine Carroll # M6151
was born in Queenstown, Clonmel, Cork, Ireland 11th February 1895 . Kings Certificate discharged 1918 during WW1 as a result of his service. He enlisted in the RN 9 June 1913, age 18. The ships he served aboard are: VIVID I, LEANDER, ORION , GONQUIL and REVENGE. The K.C. (No. 1483) issued Oct. 1918.
*Hoping the man with the same name and birth year is not the one who is named in The Police Gazette Article: 14/05/1923!
James Henry Sutton, born in Devonport, Devon, in 1895.

Biddle, Herbert Henry

Bedwell, Vernon Robert, Able Seaman was born in Dulverton, Devon, United Kingdom 3/01/1895 Royal Navy, Service #J13572

Bell, Frank

Bell, James Joseph

Bell, Robert
Fred Pearson, Armourer's Crew, HMS Revenge, born in York, 1893.
John Smith, born in 1897 in Caerleon, Monmouthshire.
Charles Wilfrid Vivian Coward - Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class, was born in Saltash, Cornwall, in 1892. Died following a collision in 1918 aboard HMS Seagull.

Baxter, Samuel

Reginald William Alexander Ashton, Asst Paymaster from Wigan Lancs..

Charles Horatio Hanning, Commissioned Victualling Officer R.N. For valuable services in H.M.S. "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron. Awarded OBE.
Richard Warne, born in Saint Austell, Cornwall, 1889.
James Duncombe, born in Kingsbridge, Devon, 1888.
Thomas Pengelly was born in Plymouth, Devon, in 1888.

Bennett, Frederic Walter

Baxter, William

H C Bailey gave the Telegraph an account of the surrender of the German Fleet

Patrick Lynch, Mechanician 295290, HMS Revenge, born in Carrigtohill on 28th December 1881. Patrick died at sea at the age of 35 on 10th November 1918, the day before the armistice.
John Rogers Howard Saunders was born in Kingsbridge, Devon, in 1891.

A. B. Martin, Acting/Chief Engine Room Articifer H.M.S. Revenge. Was to receive Long service and good conduct medal after 18 years servi ce RN
James Murphy was born in Berehaven, Cork, Ireland in 1891.
Henry Lamerton, born in Saltash, Cornwall, in 1894.

Bailey, Donald Hurst
Rupert Ernest Clements Brebner was born in Stoke Dameral, Devonport, Devon, 1893. In 1912: Served with accountant staff on HMS Hampshire in Sudabay. He married Emmeline Squires in 1918 in Plympton and died in 1956 in Plymouth.
Ernest Frank Richards was born in Swansea, Glamorgan, 1893.

Bainbridge, Harold Thompson

Anderson, Joseph Ennis Sclater
John Abbotts, born in Liverpool, Lancashire, in 24/02/1893. Stoker 1st Class in the Royal Navy, HMS Revenge. Service #K16425.
Squire Tempest - Stoker 1st class HMS Revenge, born in Wrexham, Denbighshire. 1895. Leading Stoker 1918.
William Ewart Rail was born in Plymouth, Devon, in 1889.
Charles George Wood- Stoker Petty Officer aboard the Revenge, born in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom in 1887.

Atkins, Arthur Henry

Belcher, Ernest
Cyril George Bradley # K18403 was born in Gloucester, in 1893.
George Walter Aviss, born in Fulham, London, Date of Birth: 4/05/1896.
Officer's Steward 2nd Class L4226

Sidney Coggins - Stoker 1st class, was born in Morebath, Devon, in 1894.
John Headon was born in Bideford, North Devon, in 1893.
Allan Mcewing was born in Greenock, Renfrewshire, in 1896.

Baggs, Albert Henry
Frederick John Jordan was born in Bere Ferrers, Devon, 1890.

Arscott, Albert Charles
William Robert Callicott alias William Robert ; Stoker Official Number: K5811 was born in Toronto, Canada, 1891. 25/09/ 
Abraham Grice was born in Manchester, Lancashire, 1886.

Ayres, John

Blumfield, Francis William George

Black, Albert

Black, Edmond

George Ronald Beddard Blount DSO Commander in the Royal Navy. Vice-Admiral, was born in Kent in 1877. on 8 October
Frederick Chapple #K5187 was born in Saint Pauls Bristol,

Gunner John Adams born in 1896. Member of the Royal Navy, Royal Marine Artillery. Service #14637.

Algar, Walter Charles

Llewellyn James was born in Gibraltar in 1895.

Anthony, William

Atkinson, Harold

Edward Henry Leetch was born in Manchester, United Kingdom in 1891.

John Barbour Leading Stoker was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, on 20/10/1890.

Charles Moore, Seaman in the H.M.S. “Revenge.” Royal Naval Reserve. From Hastings. Died on March 09 1919, aged 44.

Frederick Aylott, born in 1899. Boy 1st Class, Royal Navy, HMS Revenge.  Died of an ‘illness’ in the execution of his duty, 12th October 1916 aged 17.

Cyril Groome Leading Seaman, was born in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire in 1891.

William John Henry Westacott, Chief  Boatswain R.N. For valuable services in H.M.S. "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron. Awarded OBE.

Samuel Howard Hall. Lieutenant , R.N.V.R. For valuable services as Electrical Lieutenant in H.M.S. "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron. Awarded OBE

Leslie Gregory from Wellington, Somerset. Engineer Commander R.N. For valuable services in H.M.S. "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron. Awarded OBE.

John Harold Westlake, Warrant Armourer R.N. For valuable services in connection with fitting out Armed Merchant Cruisers at Liverpool, and in H.M.S. "Revenge," 1st Battle Squadron. Awarded O.B.E.

Frederick William Mcgillivray Able Seaman in the Royal Navy, HMS Revenge. Service #J74723. He was born in Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, United Kingdom on 28/10/ 1899 to Annie Nixon and Hugh Gilbert McGillivray of Staion Terrace, East Boldon, County Durham, United Kingdom. And died of a war related illness 6/11/1918.

Percy Cadwallader Able Seaman Royal Navy, H.M.S. "Revenge.", Service #J17754 Date of Birth: 5/06/1895 – 5 Metropolitan Road, Erdington, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Date of Death: 17/03/1916 Aboard Revenge

Henry Simmons was born in Shirenewton near Chipstow, Monmouthshire, 1891.

Francis William Mason, born in Wootton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, 1892.
Walter Morgan Vine, born in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, in 1892.

Arthur Hudson, born in Liverpool, Lancashire, on 20th January 1896.

Arthur Hayes Ordinary Seaman, J. 45866 born in Barnsley, Yorkshire, 20th January 1892.
The son of James and Ellen Hayes and was one of 11 children. His father was a colliery engine tenter, who would have overseen the operation of the colliery engine. At the time of the 1901 Census the family were living at 9 Rockingham Square, Barnsley and in 1911 their address was given as 10 St. Blenheim Road.At the age of 19, Arthur was working as a colliery engineman below ground, as was his older brother Cyril. Arthur joined the Royal Navy for the duration of hostilities on 28th October 1915. On completion of his training he joined HMS Revenge on 1st February 1916.  

Arthur was promoted to Able Seaman on 15th September 1916 and stayed with the ship until he was de-mobbed on 22nd January 1919.

Thomas Francis Forshaw was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, in 1890.

Armstrong, Isaac

Arnold, Hubert Percy
Frederick George Legg, born in Bridport, Dorset, in 1895.
Albert Granger was born in Eastbourne, Sussex, in 1886.

Isaac Browning # K1802 was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, 05 November 1890. |D 1954, Southwell Notts. Buried: Ross & Cromarty (ST. DUTHUS
Thomas Dring was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, in 1889.

Henry Christie was born in Scarfskerry, Caithness, in 1890.
Harry James Anderson Able Seaman J11553 was born in Paddington, London, in 1895.

Barron, John

Harold Edward Green was born in Ross, Herefordshire, in 1897.
Private Thomas Burke
Date of Birth: 17/07/1897 in Manchester, Lancashire – Enlisted 15 January 1915. Member of the Royal Navy, Royal Marine Light Infantry: Plymouth Division. Service #17889. Private in the Royal Navy, HMS Revenge, RMLI. Service
In a newspaper article which appeared in the Burnely News, 14th June 1916, Thomas Burke described the ‘race’at Jutland as ‘most thrilling.’
Abbott, William Charles
Adams, Albert Lewis,
Adams, Donald Stewart Francis

Barnfield, Henry
Thomas Mein was born in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, on 1/02/ 1895. Royal Navy, Service #J20792
William Hodgskin was born in Bethnal Green, London, in 1896.

Barry, Edward Timothy
Guy Robert Edward Mclean was born in Newington Butts, London, in 1896.
Charles William Henry Yard was born in Plymouth, Devon, in 1895.
Francis Arthur Mullin was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, in 1896.
Alfred Thomas Bunting was born in Rugby, Warwickshire, in 1895.
Robert Bunting was born in Cromer, Norfolk, in 1893.
George William Matthews was born in Mile End, London, in 1896.
Sydney Mcwilliam was born in Carlisle, Cumberland, in 1893.
Charles Clifford Milner was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, in 1895.
William Henry Crutchley was born in Hanley, Staffordshire, in 1893.
Robert James Hawkins was born in Honiton, Devon, in 1894.

Barter, John Henry
Frank Slade
was born in Near Chippenham, Wiltshire, in 1894.
George Clifford Scott was born in Malta, in 1894.

Barry, Patrick
Thomas Henry Hartley was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, in 1894.

Barnes, Charles William
John Henry Harrison was born in Plymouth, Devon, in 1895.
Arthur Frederick Jarrett was born in Cardiff, Glamorgan, in 1893.
Albert James Bond was born in Chudleigh, Devon, in 1893.
4/06/1893 – D Royal Navy, Service #J7922
Arthur James Lovejoy was born in Warfield, Berkshire, in 1893.
Samuel Thomas Dark was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, in 1893.
Arthur William Isom was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, in 1894.
Francis William Cottrell was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, in 1894.
James Langman was born in Golant, Cornwall, in 1893.
Thomas Buchanan Able Seaman # J8263 was born in Ballylesson, Down, Ireland in 1894.
Lived in Torquay 1911
John Palmer was born in Tottenham, London, in 1894.
James Richardson was born in Dundee, Forfarshire, in 1892.
John Charles Walker was born in Northwich, Cheshire, in 1891.
Stanley Montague Fitzgerald was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, in 1891.
William Ernest Furzer was born in Bedminster, Somerset, in 1892. Also served on the Warspite
Arthur Dowling was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, in 1893.
James Harkins was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, in 1892.

Barnes, William Stanley
Harry Glover was born in Pemberton, Lancashire, in 1892. He joined the Navy at 17 as a Boy Seaman, an orphan and homeless and was to remain in the service for 11 years. He became an active member of the British Legion and St John's Ambulance brigade.
A keen politician he was to serve his community as a member of Wigan Town Council until his death in 1962 at the age of 70.
Charles Alexander Brennan was born in Islington, London, in 1893.
Arthur Ernest Ward was born in Hull, Yorkshire, in 1893.
30/04/1893 – Royal Navy, Service #J5800
John Giles was born in Camelford, Cornwall, in 1890.
Frank Dexter was born in Oldbury, Worcestershire, in 1890.
Robert George Carpenter was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, in 1891.
Rupert Harry James Gregory
was born in Exeter, Devon, in 1891.
James Cretney was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, in 1891.
22/09/1891 – Royal Navy, Service #J2459
John Grimshaw was born in Preston, Lancashire, in 1891.
Francis Joseph Hayes was born in Cork, Ireland in 1892.
Ernest Alfred Ratcliffe was born in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, in 31.10 1891. Royal Navy, Service #J2506
Frederick Richmond was born in Saint Pancras, London, in 1893.
Arthur Edward Harvey was born in Devonport, Devon, in 1892.
Joseph Giles Goulding was born in Awre, Gloucestershire, in 5.05 1892. Royal Navy, Service #J1603
James Metcalf Barker was born in Lancaster on 04/05/1892. Royal Navy, Service #J1164
Richard Caulcott #J1572  was born in Leicester, 14/01/1892 D Leicester 1953
John Henderson was born in Edinburgh, in 1891.
Reginald John Burke # J1235 was born in Plymouth, Devon, 0n 21 July 1892.
?-----was born in Millbrook, Cornwall, in 1891.  
Frederick Rogers was born in Bristol, Somerset, in 1892.
Robert Smith was born in 1897 in Glasgow.
George James Ford - Petty Officer HMS Revenge. was born in Topsham Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom in 1887.

Joseph Yearsley, Able Seaman was born in 1895 Cwm Carn, Mon .
John Francis Webber was born in Rame, Cornwall in 1880.
Albert John (Jack) Hancock Stoker Petty Officer. Born in Combe Martin, Devon, United Kingdom in 1888 and died in 1941.
Arthur James Ball was born in Shepton Mallett, Somerset in 16/08/1891. J580
Henry Frederick Cotton was born in Dawlish, Devon, in 1883.
John Harris was born in Portsea, Hampshire, in 1882.
Percy Bishop was born in Taunton, Somerset in 1880. 9/12/1880 Service #293260
Daniel Perkin Milton, Chief Petty Officer, HMS Revenge, from Exeter, received the Meritorious Service Medal in 1919.
Cecil George Gulliford, Able Seaman. From Bishops Lydeard
nr Taunton

Ball, Thomas Morceir was born in Fulham, London  5/08/1899 – Royal Navy, Service #J34887


Bootyman, Frederick; Commissioned Engineer 28th September 1915. RN, Service #270676 Born Plymouth, Devon; Date of Birth: 29/04/1881 –

D. Plympton St Mary, Devon, 1952

Bott, Albert Silvester. Born in Camborne, Cornwall 8/10/1898 – Royal Navy, Service #J29200

Boulter, James Thomas

Boundford, Sidney William

Bracey, Thomas

Bradford, Samuel Arthur

Lintern W E. Pte RM #16402    1914 Awarded Star and clasp

Cotter P. Bugler #16438      "

Gregson J H.  #198703 AB  "

Radford F.  Pte. # 14991  Plymouth Battalion RMLI  " 

Chown H A.  Pte  # 16655 Plymouth Battalion RMLI  "  

Stockwell H J. Pte #16433 Plymouth Battalion RMLI  "

Brady, Daniel Joseph

Branson, Cecil John Westland. Midshipman later Commander RN.   Born 2 Sept. 1896. Bengal India. Died Worthing, Sussex 1972, at age 75

Brassington, William Rex. ( AKA Willie) Born 1897, Birkenhead, Cheshire. Died Liverpool 1968

Bray, William Henry

Breeton, Joseph Patrick D. Boston Lincs 1953

Brennan, Charles Alexander, Able Seaman #J5060 Born in Islington 5/09/1893 D.23 Sep 1985 Bexleyheath.

Brew, Robert John # J36850 B. 12 September 1898 Douglas, Isle of Man. After WW1, continued career in RN.

Brewer, Albert Edward # J. 30672. Date of Birth: 25 December 1898. Tavistock, Devon. D 1981 Plymouth.

Brewer, Stanley George Official Number: J. 41494. B 21 September 1899: Bristol, Gloucestershire.

Britton, William Harold.  #14581 B. 24 Mar 1898 Tiverton, Devon  Died .1994.Weymouth, Dorset, England.  Enlistment: 06 April 1915.  Royal Marine Artillery. Continued in the service after hostilities.

Brook, Jabez # 225600 Born 04 Feb 1886 Bradford, Yorkshire, D. Bradford. 1969

Brooks, Thomas William B Plymouth 21 July 1896 K28839

Williams Brooks # 314493 was born in Bury, Lancashire 30/06/1887
George Sidney Brown. # SS3009. Date of Birth: 23/10/1889 Cardiff, Glamorgan D1960 age 71.

Budge, Harry # K28840 born in Pengelly Linkinhorne, Cornwall, 5/02/1893. D.  Tavistock Devon 1988

Budge, Joseph Thomas  seemingly a repeated incorrect file

Bull, Walter

Bunting, Alfred Thomas  #J20748  B 06 October 1895 Rugby, Warwickshire

Bunting, Robert #J9326 born in Cromer, Norfolk 9/03/1893 d probably Penryth M 1953

Burgess, Charles Ernest born in Hackney, London 26 May 1895  # J16051 . D. Sep 1976 Newham.

Burke, Walter , #J27274 27/Born Preston Lancs. 27.06/1898

Herbert Bateman Burns #J31842  was born in Salford, Lancashire 23/11/1898 died 22.04. 1972

Burrows, William Henry #K28709 born in Sidmouth, Devon 21/08/1891

John Buss was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire 4/02/1897 # K28384

Sidney Settles Cadman. Official Number: K. 58701. Date of Birth: 26 October 1898. Born: Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Died Wandsworth 1978

Calleja, Alfred. Born Valetta Malta  23 January 1880  # 365036  Died 17th March 1942, aged 35 years in an air raid by the German Luftwaffe

Camillau, Carmelo # L6266 Born Malta 25 February 1894

Cameron, James Dyer Royal Navy, Royal Naval Division, Service #Z/7453 B. 27/11/1893

Canning, Albert Edward  #J13013 born in Kenilworth, Warwickshire 27/09/1895

Coles, Charles Healey Leading Telegraphist #J12257 born in Bridworth, Northamptonshire 8/11/1894

Butcher Wilfred # M19122 B. 07 November 1895 Haworth, Yorkshire

Bygrave, Charles William # K28696 B. 04 September 1897 Plymouth Devon

Carnell, William James Pearce # J41484 B. Exeter, Devon 21 September 1899. D 1960 Central Devon

Carpenter, Ernest Harry Brock - Royal Marine Artillery. Service #12839. B 23/08/1893 Dorking, Surrey

Robert George Carpenter was born in Swindon, Wiltshire 26/08/1891 # J4278 D Plymouth 1975

Carroll, Dennis Slater Royal Navy, Royal Marine Artillery. Service #14636. B 15th April 1893 Enlisted 7th June 1915 D 1950Northampton

Carter (Alias) Tompkins, Walter Charles B 24/08/1885 #10742. Royal Marine Artillery. Service

Carter, George James was born in Southampton 18/07/1895 Service #J13512

Cartlidge, George Henry - Stoker 7/05/1892 born in Liverpool, Lancashire, Service #J1855

Carver, William John - Able Seaman Service #J13485 born in Fulham, London 5/08/1895

Simeon John Case was born in Newton Abbott, Devon 8/10/1897. #J35130

Casey, James

Alfred Henry Chaffe Pte Service #L3748 was born in Plymouth, Devon 19th May 1894. D Lambeth 1952 Received Meritorious Service Medal

Chamberlain, Frederick George was born in Nottingham 16/06/1897  Service #L7661

Chapman, Frederick John

Ernest George Christie was born in Southend, Essex 14/08/1899. Service #J39699

Clark, James  Electrical Artificer 4th Class. Born Distington Cumberland  25 February 1893 #M10153

Clucas, William Frederick Musician -Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division, Service #16888 Date of Birth: 9/03/1899. Died Gosport Hants. 1973. 31st May 1913. Member of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines Band. Service #2308. , Campaign, Gallantry & Long Service Medals & Awards

Frederick George Bath; Date of Birth: 22/08/1895 Royal Navy, Service #J16571 born in Richmond, Surrey

Thomas George Bicknell Ordinary Signalman #J15803. Date of Birth: 18/07/1896 born in Listowel, Kerry, Ireland
Frank Dyer. Date of Birth: 7/08/1894 – at  Horrabridge, Devon to Henry and Eliza Dyer. Like his Father, Frank became a Gardener at Trebursye Manor, with the family residing at a cottage in Trebursye. Frank enlisted in the Royal Navy as an able Seaman (service number J17374 ) in 1902.
He went on to serve past his 12 years finally being discharged on the 1st of January 1929. He served upon many ships during his career but a greater majority of his war years were spent upon HMS Revenge.
George Frederick Evans was born in Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom in 1895. Service #J14985
Alfred Hillman was born in Brighton, Sussex, 10th April 1896 Service #J16064

Frederick Hornsby born in Tottenham, London 25/02/1896 – Royal Navy, Service #J16222
Clyde James was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, 11/02/1895 Service #J15092

Henry George Lording was born in Trinity, Newington, London 8th August 1895. Service #J16478. Long service good conduct medal.
Percy George Maslen was born in Woolwich, Kent, 20th July 1896. Service #J16698
John Ferguson Mollison Mclaggan was born in Auchtergaven, Perthshire, United Kingdom 20th April 1896. Service #J15348

Philip John Medlin was born in Plympton, Devon, 31st December 1895. Service #J15577

George Francis Morgan was born in King's Cross, London, 29th December 1895. Service #J16178

George Harry Pink. Chief Yeoman of Signals born in Alverstoke, Hampshire 2/04/1879. Service #179101. Receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

John Smith born in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. 23rd January 1895. Service #J16349
William George Smith, born in Torpoint, Cornwall, 23rd April 1896. Service #J15460.

Charley Stocker Able Seaman, was born in Axminster, Devon, 28th June 1896. Service #J17615
KIA. HMS Venomous off Gibraltar.

" Charley Stocker who lived for a day or two after being rescued and was buried at sea at Gibraltar but washed ashore and buried a second time in the Santa Catalina Cemetery in Ceuta and was 46, "AB Charles Stocker (D/J17615), aged 46, son of John and Alice Stocker and husband of Minnie Stocker of  Blandford, Dorsetshire.
“…Les Mortimer did not remember the name of the AB he swam with that night but he was old for a rating, perhaps in his forties, and called 'Charley'. There are two Able Seamen (AB) called Charley on the short list of men who died aboard HMS Venomous, Charley Stocker being by fat the eldest”.

Burial at sea HMS Venomous.

Albert Arthur Smele was born in Bedminster, Somerset, 21st October 1896. Service #J18118

Francis John Veal Rooke was born in Plymouth, Devon 19th December 1896. Service #J18210

George McCready born in Lisburn, Down, Ireland 19/04/1896 –Royal Navy, Service #J18242

William George Young, born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire 3rd January 1896 Service #J18470

Herbert Edgar Taylor born in Bow, London, 28th March 1897. Service #J19036
Robert McFarlane was born in Dennistown, Lanarkshire 31st May 1896
. #J19193
William Baxter was born in Argyllshire, 28th May 1896 #J19205 
Steven Ferns born in Salford, Lancashire 2nd December 1895 #J19207
John Alexander Main was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire 28th November 1894 #J19347
John Houston born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire 21st August 1894. Service #J19422

Chapman, Charles Hamilton Murray. #605575. Born 24 March 1892 at Chislehurst. Kent. Son of C. Capel Chapman, formerly of War Office and Maude Chapman, of 10, Modena Rd., Hove, Brighton; Husband of Olive Mary Murray Chapman, of 89, Lancaster Gate, London.

he was educated at Monmouth Grammar school and Manchester University.
Enl. i6th Oct. 1914 ; Due to his interest and know;ledge of telegraphy he became a Wireless Operator on H.M.S. Revenge. Then joined R.N.A.S. 4th Squadn. ; Instructor Gunnery Flight, Eastchurch ; Flight Lieut. R.N. ; France, North Sea, and Coast Defence Air Stat. ; Wounded. He received serious injuries when his aircraft developed engine difficulties over France and needed six months to recuperate.

He was accidentally killed whilst flying on the 23rd Feb. 19 18, at Eastchurch. he was involved in a mid-air collision with an aircraft flown by Flight Sub Lieutenant H.M. REID (also killed along with AM1 R.G. ARROWSMITH), both aircraft whilst flying alongside an Airship over Eastchurch, age 25.

His obituary stated:

His bright and vivid personality endeared him to all. A great lover of nature, he was a keen student of all matters relating to science and natural history. A childrens story book, Dragons at home written and illustrated by himself was published posthumously by his family.

Buried in All Saints Churchyard, Eastchurch, Kent
lter Haslop born in Northampton, 10th October 1894 #J19483

Cecil James Martin was born in Teignmouth, Devon, 25th February 1897 . #J19621
Arthur Edwards was born in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 8th May 1896. #J19667

John Valentine Sawbridge 1898 - 1960 signalman. Briefly on Revenge.

Ernest Whitter was born in Wigan, Lancashire, 12th February 1897. #J19778

Harry Hodge was born in Newport, Monmouthshire 17th December 1896 #J19827





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