Authentication and authenticating Salvador Dali works of art or art which may be attributed to Salvador Dali. Including; Dali Paintings, Dali drawings, Dali prints, limited edition prints & Dali sculptures.

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Authenticating the Art of Salvador Dali

Dali art authentication processes, Dali authentication services & Forensic art & Art Fraud  Investigations


Dali Art Authentication: Before you begin


* Before entering into a full investigation of the legitimacy of a work of art possibly by Dali, be it academic, forensic or as with most cases, both, it is essential to know if the project is at all viable and possibly provable. Much as you would need to know if you were taking a legal case to court.

Logically, if it is not, you should not attempt it, as the risk of failure is too high.

So we always prefer to make a preliminary and vital professional pre authentication assessment for clients first. This is based upon the images you supply, the details and the items history.

This is a logical & cost effective professional assessment and advisory for which there is a modest set fee.

Please see our FAQ's which explains the process in detail.







  The Freemanart Consultancy are expert fine art consultants based in North America, England and Europe specialising in the investigation and detection of Dali art fraud and forgery internationally.

As such, Freemanart pursue investigations & the processes of authentication of all types of Salvador Dali's art work including Dali drawings, his paintings, Dali prints and sculptures for clients all around the world.

  We follow rigorous professional forensic and academic procedures & methodology during our in depth authentication investigations and pursuit the legitimacy & attribution of Dali works, conducting detailed archival research, provenance verification and the forensic analysis of the art work. We seek to investigate the authenticity  of the art of Salvador Dali through academic research and in tracking the provenance or known history of a  work of art, as well as through forensic analysis of the art work itself and data study.

The bringing of science and academicism together has now become a powerful investigative tool in the process of art authentication and in the identification of fakes and fake art we conduct.





 Freemanart are expert in the identification and investigation of fake art and artwork including the painting, prints, sculpture and drawings which are either attributed to, claimed to be by or believed to be by the Spanish artist, Salvador Dali. To that end, our scholars & Dali experts and specialist forensic analysts are strategically based in Europe to conduct detailed investigations and research into the authenticity and legitimacy of Salvador Dali drawings, Dali paintings, Dali ceramics, Dali sculptures and Dali limited edition prints daily.

No independent authentication team are better placed geographically to assist you.

 The Salvador Dali art authentication service which we offer clients brings to us a weekly workload  which includes detailed forensic examination and analysis of much of the Dali works of art we investigate. Seeking the truth behind the legitimacy of the many different types of artwork we investigate works that our clients believe to be by Salvador Dali. This is paramount to us and it's not just the paintings bearing that famous signature that get scrutinised.


 On this page, we discuss the authenticity of art by the artist Salvador Dali. Dali fakes in print, fake Dali drawings, faux Dali paintings, Dali related COA's (Certificates of Authenticity) and the authentication processes required to prove the legitimacy of, authenticate or denounce as a fake, a Salvador Dali artwork. We also illustrate the complex procedures required to identify & authenticate genuine Dali work of art, be it a drawing, painting, ceramic, print or sculpture and discuss the professional art authentication services Freemanart offer & conduct for those who may be concerned that their artwork signed Dali, may or may not be authentic.





Dali authentication

"Drawing is the honesty of the art.

There is no possibility of cheating.  It is either good or bad. "

Quote:Salvador Dali.

Dali signature authentication

Salvador Dali portrait

This is an interesting quote from Dali as there is in fact a great deal of cheating when it comes to the art of the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali. (Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marquis of Púbol )

Stan Lauryssens, a Belgian former art dealer and admitted fraudster claims that Salvador Dali authorized thousands of forgeries of his own work in the later years in order to fund his lavish lifestyle! And the principal auctioneers and serious art dealers of the world discount all works signed after 1980 as possibly spurious.










Fake Salvador Dali Print Shakespear

A Fake Salvador Dali Print







Below is the image of one of the limited edition Dali prints one of our clients acquired at auction.

It's title is recorded on the fake Certificate of Authenticity which accompanied it as ;

"Santiago El Grande"  Published: Magui 1984.

This fake Dali print cost the client a cool $6,000.00  back in 1980!




 A little straightforward detective work by cross referencing the definitive Catalogue Raisonne which records the legitimate graphic works and prints of Salvador Dali, the ultimate truth began to emerge. The Dali catalogue raissone clearly documents and specifically records all legitimate, licensed or authentic works in print by or after Salvador Dali right up to the year 1980. Few bother with the published catalogue raissones after 1980 because after that date, should a work bear his signature, we & most respectable auctioneers and dealers across the world are more than sceptical about it's authenticity.


Dali did not sign any prints after 1980!







Here is a good example of a fake Dali print complete with a fake signature.

It was bought in good faith during a cruise ship auction and re named by the sellers as Napoleon and the Angels.



Renaming prints like this is a common deception and designed to defraud









Santiago El Grande Dali

Santiago El Grande &

St Jacques De Compostella

Salvador Dali

Under Article 26 of the Spanish Penal Code, a forged, faked or added false Dali signature on a work of art is a criminal act, punishable under Spanish law and all perpetrators are liable to prosecution, heavy fines or imprisonment for their crime.

So they should be, it is fraud.


Salvador Dali Signature


 Is this a real Dali Signature or a fake Dali signature?


Freemanart have a dedicated team of professional forensic handwriting analysts committed to forged and fake signature identification.

Fake Dali certificates of authenticity


This story and others like it about

Fake Dali Prints and fake certificates

of authenticity are covered in our

About Fakes Section of the web site









Dali Prints, Limited Edition Prints, Etchings and Lithographs:


 It's a sad reflection on the world we live in but most of the 2 dimensional Dali artworks Freemanart examine actually prove to be fakes.

In the main, this is because investors who have purchased their art wisely, from reputable art dealers or auctioneers who 'absolutely' qualify that a Dali artwork is authentic by offering sound provenance & history, have no need to question the authenticity of their Dali art so we don't see them.

Some collectors however, those who bought less wisely or who may have inherited or discovered works of art bearing the name Dali but without any past history, sound provenance or reliable paperwork to back it up, do Contact us

 There are thousands of prints designed by Dali to contend with when it comes to print identification and legitimate Dali print authentication including:  Dali lithography, Dali linocuts, Dali etchings and his monotypes. Unfortunately, many of the Salvador Dali prints & indeed limited edition prints we examine and identify for clients, turn out to be unlicensed editions. Commonly, they can be described as modern reprographic prints which are variations of original prints designed by Salvador Dali but effectively signed by a different hand altogether. Certainly not signed by Dali himself as they are often claimed to be. They are too new & are forged after his death.

This signature forgery issue is commonplace and constitutes a serious fraud.

If you have limited edition prints in which you have invested money supported by flowery Certificates of Authenticity, (COA's) , it may be a wise move to do some serious thinking about the authenticity and legitimacy of the certificate of authenticity itself and not just the print and have them both thoroughly investgated .









Salvador Dali Certificate of Authenticity or the Dali COA.

 The provision of fake or more kindly a 'fabricated' Certificate of Authenticity which support the legitimacy of an artwork sometimes provided with Salvador Dali signed limited edition print purchases is a constant problem.

 The so called COA's - Certificates of Authenticity are all but worthless and clearly inadmissible, at best unacceptable yet often accompany a Dali work of art.

Clearly, they carry little or no weight or substance regarding the true authenticity of the artwork in real terms and absolutely no guarantee of absolute authenticity what so ever because the issuer has little or no credibility himself or even the basic qualification to issue it in the first place.

In the real world, a certificate of authenticity is a legal document which guarantees by making and staking a physical claim, that a work of art is 'absolutely authentic' Legitimate.  Be it the by artist Salvador Dali, or otherwise.

A certificate of authenticity therefore 'absolutely' qualifies and defines that the work of art, in this case, by Salvador Dali, is not a copy or facsimile by another and assures us that it's not a fake or reproduction print. It is a true and accurate rendition  and application of the reprographic graphic art which has been legally produced & licensed & or signed by the artist,Salvador Dali himself.


 Any Certificate of Authenticity should therefore be absolutely specific and in the case of an art print, specify:

Its Edition and or number of that edition, its Publisher, the date of publication, its accurate size, the CORRECT title, not a made up one. It should specify the paper type & any detail as specified in the catalogue raisonne or relating specifically to the publication of the given work of art that the Certificate of Authenticity claims to authenticate.

It should also carry the full name and address and qualifications of the issuer.

If this information is not declared on the Certificate of Authenticity and the signatory / or authenticator does not give their name, position & qualification to authenticate it or their address, they may well have something to hide.

Remember, a Certificate of Authenticity is NOT just a

certificate of opinion!











Maria Carbona Portrait. Salvador Dali

Maria Carbona Portrait. Salvador Dali




COMMENT: About the constant supply of illegitimate, Salvador Dali oil paintings, fakes &  faux  Dali drawings & limited edition prints on the open art market.


 One of the major problems in the supply of fake Salvador Dali drawings and oil paintings in recent years has been the poor policabilty of Ebay.

Historically a major source of fake and illicit Dali art works for years. Often these art fakes are knowingly offered for sale by unscrupulous art dealers but sometimes unknowingly and inaccurately listed as an innocent mistake.





 To their credit, Ebay have been conscious of this fact, acted well, have improved their security admiringly and working extensively with law enforcement authorities, reported any questionable activity. Sometimes even suspending offending members in an attempt to clean up the scams. However, Ebay has been but is by no means the only source of fake Dali's in the art world.  

Small time auctioneers who do not follow the ethical code of due diligence. (All reasonable care effected to protect the public in establishing and declaring both accuracy of description and authenticity and legitimacy of an item) 

So it is, that some auctioneers, localised estate sales and many shady art dealers have much to answer for as a source of fake Dali's.

Of the worlds most notorious fakers, a subject covered in other areas on this web site and on, many fakers produced highly convincing Daliesque paintings and drawings during their own prolific careers.

Of these early fake Salvador Dali works, large numbers of fakes were passed off in scams going back decades and today, they still exist.










Playing a major part in art authentication and the authentication of works of art by Salvador Dali




Spectroscopic examination of the colours of paints and pigments has proved invaluable in the past in the early detection of fakes & forgeries of Salvador Dali artworks and more specifically with any fake oil painting that may bear his name or signature.


 Using various light sources to examine art is a scientific method used regularly to assist in the appropriate dating of 'probably authentic'  but before now “unprovenanced” works of art created by Salvador Dali.

Forensic investigations of art is covered elsewhere on this web site in detail but it regularly includes, ultra violet, infra red, X-ray and Raman technology.




In this respect, Freemanart work at the cutting edge of scientific development, bringing new perspectives into the identification and authentication of fine art and even antiques for the general public



Freemanart seek to investigate the authenticity  of the art of Salvador Dali through academic research and in tracking the provenance or known history of a  work of art. The bringing of science and academicism together has now become a powerful investigative tool in the process of art authentication and the services of the identification of fakes and fake art we conduct.

Researching highly effectively and multi lingually from our offices in the UK, Spain, Canada, Italy and Germany, we resource, archive and examine works of art from many different perspectives, massively broadening the spectrum of our investigative capability.

With offices in 6 different countries, we work alongside the finest scholars, experts and institutions in connection with our Dali authentication procedures. This includes art archives, national collections, universities, art libraries, galleries and museums internationally.










D A L I and Art A u t h e n t i c a t i o n



D A L I  and  Art  A u t h e n t i c a t i o n



 The authenticity of any work of art, be it by Salvador Dali or any other artist can only be established or determined in absolute terms given that a combination of processes are followed and agreement is met in the final analysis by the recognised, living and or appointed expert or experts on the artist. This is a feature which strictly applies in the case of the attribution and authenticity of Salvador Dali and his art work.

In general terms, for the purpose of art authentication, collated evidence is presented to the ultimate recognised expert or experts, authorities or singular authority on a particular artist for determining authenticity and it is either agreed or denied by them. Much the same as in a court of law.

Authentication therefore becomes absolute as it is vital.



Dali authentication and the services offered by Freemanart

 Any Salvador Dali investigation presentation or claim of authenticity we investigate is usually supported by:

The results of Forensic investigation and or any scientific analysis which substantiates or supports known fact in relation to the Dali artwork, or adversely, in support of a fake Dali, it's illegitimacy if we are trying to disprove the value of a Dali and its authenticity.

Unquestionable academic evidence, provenance, documented historical evidence and absolute record of fact, in relation to any work of art claimed to be by Salvador Dali we investigate . This is effected with a view to secure the ultimate academic agreement from and by those who are embodied, universally accepted and empowered to do so.



Freemanart can assist you with the authentication of your Salvador Dali drawings, paintings, ceramics and prints.

A fake Dali

A fake  Dali or faux ?





Our dedicated e mail address for any Dali authentication enquiry is written below

investigations  (at)   freemanart  (dot)   ca

Or for our Contact Form



*Please note that all of our fine art consultancy services including Salvador Dali and other art authentication work are professional issues and that we do not offer free advisory, library facilities or gratis research into the authentication of Salvador Dali and his art.

Write for our fee structure or see our  FAQ's


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The Dali Dedication in:

The Dali Dedication








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On this page: A review of the Salvador Dali art authentication services offered by Freemanart

PRINTS: Authentication of Salvador Dali. Dali Limited Edition Print Titles:

Here are just a handful of the Salvador Dali print titles of his limited edition prints: ( by or after Dali )

Their description, spelling and accuracy can be as you can see, very different when offered for sale to what they actualy are in the catalogue raisonnes.

A Question:

Is your Dali print authentic or would you question its authenticity and legitimacy and require authentication?



DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ampoule Incandescence                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ananas                           

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Andromeda
DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Anemone per anti pasti                                       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange aux Tiroirs            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange cubiste                           

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange de Cadaques                           

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ange de la melancholie                                       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]   Ange de l'alchimie                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]    Ange dechu                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]    Ange et Surrealisme Dada                         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]    Ange surrealiste             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]    Angel and the Beast               

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]    Angel Gabriel      

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]    Angel of Dada Surrealism                          

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]    Angel of the Rebirth                                   

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]   Angel with two Figures                   

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]     Angeli dell'Empireo       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]     Angelic Figure     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]     Angelus                

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]    Anges au Port Lligat               

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]     [ATTRIBUTED]     Angesichts der Konigin                             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]     Animaux Malades de la Peste                             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]     Animaux malades de la peste                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]    Animaux Malades de la Peste                             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]      Ankunft au St. Samson                   

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]     [ATTRIBUTED]     Annonce d'un Grand Evenenment  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      ATTRIBUTED]      Antecendentes de los tripodes fotograficos                

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      [ATTRIBUTED]      Anthony & Cleopatra              

DALI, SALVADOR                     [ATTRIBUTED]      Anthropomorphic Peach                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Antimaterien Schmetterlinge                      

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Anxiety       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Aparition de ma Cousine Carolinetta       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Aparte las glandulas salivares        

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Aphordite              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Aphrodite von Melos                         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apocalypse  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apollinaire Suite  [Frontispiece]        

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apollinaire.Poemes secrets                                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apollon                           

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apoteosis de Homero                        

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apotheose             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apotheose             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apotheose du Dollar               

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apparatus at Hand                           

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Appareil en Main            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apparition             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apparition de l'ancetre  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apparition du Christ                                   

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apparition if the Rose                       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]       Apparition lointane   

DALI, SALVADOR                      Alhambra   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Alhambra              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Anguished Angel            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Art dans les Bijoux au profit des petits lits blancs      

DALI, SALVADOR                      Aspiration  

DALI, SALVADOR                      Calderon:la vie est un songe,combat de cavaliers    

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Cervantes             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Char tire par des elephants             

DALI,SALVADOR[AFTER]          Chevaliers de la Table Ronde                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Christ                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Chronos                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dance        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dantes Entruckung                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dernier venu de la derniere planete       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Divine Comedie                        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Divine Comedie              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Don Quixote   1                         

DALI, SALVADOR                      Don Quixote                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Cid                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Greco               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Greco                         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Elijah            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Engel                   

DALI,SALVADOR [AFTER]         Escorial       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Esplanade des Invalides                            

DALI, SALVADOR                      Esplanade des Invalides                 

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Falscher      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Falsificateur                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        From:Playing Cards Suite                          

DALI,SALVADOR[AFTER]          Garden of Nudes                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        General de Gaulle                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Glanz Beatricen's           

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Goddess               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Golden Helmet of Mambrino            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Grande Place des vosges,du Temps de Louis XIII     

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Hand with Quill              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Heart of Madness                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Heilige Krieg                            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Icare            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Landscape with fluid clock                         

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]        Landscape with Spanish ship                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Last Supper                            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Master and Squire                 

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Meduse                

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]        Meissonnier                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Melted Phone                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Memoires du Surrealisme                          

DALI ,SALVADOR [AFTER]        Narcisse      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Narcisse                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Orpheus Descending                        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Pegase       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Place de la Concorde              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Port of Cadaques                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Porte Saint-Denis                   

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]        Power of Thought                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Purgatory #30               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Sans titre    

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Slave Market       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Songes drolatiques de Pantagruel di Rabelais  

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]        Such die Truffel             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Surrealist Composition  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Taurus                 

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Untitled      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Vanishing Face                        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Velazquez   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Alhambra    

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]        Anguished Angel            

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]        Art dans les Bijoux au profit des petits lits blancs                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Aspiration             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Calderon:la vie est un songe,combat de cavaliers     

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Cervantes   

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]        Char tire par des elephants                       

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Chevaliers de la Table Ronde                        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Christ         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Chronos                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dance        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dantes Entruckung      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Dernier venu de la derniere planete       

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]       Divine Comedie                                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Divine Comedie                                  

DALI,SALVADOR [AFTER]         Don Quixote        

DALI, SALVADOR                      Don Quixote        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Cid         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        El Greco               

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]       El Greco     

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Elijah            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Engel                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Escorial       

SALVADOR DALI, [AFTER]        Esplanade des Invalides                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Esplanade des Invalides                            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Falscher      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Falsificateur         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        From:Playing Cards Suite               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Garden of Nudes                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        General de Gaulle                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Glanz Beatricen's            

SALVADOR DALI, [AFTER]        Goddess     

DALI,SALVADOR[AFTER]        Golden Helmet of Mambrino

DALI,SALVADOR[AFTER]        Grande Place des vosges,du Temps de Louis XIII     

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Hand with Quill              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Heart of Madness         

SALVADOR DALI, [AFTER]        Heilige Krieg                  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Icare            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Landscape with fluid clock                         

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Landscape with Spanish ship                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Last Supper        

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Master and Squire

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Meduse                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Melted Phone                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Memoires du Surrealisme                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Narcisse                          

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Narcisse                

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Orpheus Descending              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Pegase                 

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Place de la Concorde    

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Port of Cadaques                             

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Porte Saint-Denis                   

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Power of Thought                            

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Purgatory #30               

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Sans titre    

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Slave Market       

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]        Songes drolatiques de Pantagruel di Rabelais  

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Such die Truffel   

DALI, SALVADOR  [AFTER]        Surrealist Composition                      

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Taurus       

SALVADOR DALI,  [AFTER]        Untitled

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Vanishing Face              

DALI, SALVADOR [AFTER]        Velazquez             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      5. Gesang:Erneuter Anblick Beatrices     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      6e diel de Jupiter                             

SALVADOR DALI,  [ATTRIB]      8 Todsunden                 

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      A caza de mondadientes                           

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abricot                 

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abricot Chevalier

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abschied von Marilyn Monroe                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abstract Composition              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Abstract Figure                        

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Acadamie de Paris                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie de Francais             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie de Paris                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie des Beaux Arts                          

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie Francaise               

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Academie Paris    

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ace of Clubs                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ace of Clubs,King of Clubs,Queen of Clubs and Jack of Clubs         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Ace of Cups                   

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Achimiste              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adam and Eve               

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adam in the Garden of Eden                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adam og Eva                 

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adam,Eva and the Apple                       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adoration              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Adoubement de Lancelot                                    

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Advice from a Caterpillar                                     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Aeroplane                       

DALI,SALVADOR[ATTRIB]        Affe und der Leopard                       

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Afghan Invisible             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      After 50 Years of Realism; Transworld Art, English Edition         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Agony of Love               


DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Al matadero                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Al rio creyendo que era mozuela              

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Albrecht Durer                         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchemie des Philosophes                

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchemist    

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchemiste            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimie de philosphes                      

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimie des Philosophes,Paris,Arts et Valeurs  

DALI,SALVADOR  ATTRIB]       Alchimie des Philosophes:Roi et la Reine         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimie des Philosophes:Ying et le Yang                  

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimist     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alchimiste             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alexandre le Grand      

DALI, SALVADOR                     Alexandre le Grand                          

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alhambra,from Spain             

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alhyah        

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alice    In      

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alice in Wonderland                                   

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alice's Adventures in Wonder Land         

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Aliyah                     

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Aliyah Series                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alle des Verges    

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Allee des verges             

DALI, SALVADOR[ATTRIB]       Allium christophi pilique pubescentes      

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      All's Well that Ends Well                            

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alpes   In      

DALI,SALVADOR[ ATTRIB]       Alpes,Normandie,Roussillon, Paris,Alsace,Auvergne                           

DALI, SALVADOR [ATTRIB]      Alsace        

DALI, SALVADOR[ ATTRIB]      Alte mann und das Meer                 

DALI, SALVADOR  [ATTRIB]     Alter             

DALI,SALVADOR[ATTRIB]        Am Gesang des 7 Hollenkreises