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Edgar Degas: The Dancing Clsass 1874

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This list compiled from our completed work on the schedule.


18th. century English Furniture.

Knechtel's Furniture, Canada Furniture Manufacturers (CFM),17thC. English carved oak furniture. Oriental Screen, Waterbury Regulator 7 Clock, Breguzzi Barometer. Persian prayer screen. Sherwin and Cotton Co. 

Rare Book Authentication.

FIRST EDITIONS of: Little Dorrit 1855, Charles Dickens - Posthumous Paper of the Pickwick Club, Charles Dickens. 1837. Moliere 1786 , Geneva Bible 1599. Bugge Bible. A rare German first edition 17C. book by Erasmus Francisci: A 16 C. German Bible. Optiks 1704 – Newton. Assessment of content of historical Canadian documents/ letters relating to NWMP, Fort Pit and the search for ‘Big Bear’

Original musical score by Sir Arthur Sullivan

We have completed the Authentication of Autographs purportedly by :

Star Wars, Alec Guinness, Laurel and Hardy. Marilyn Monro - Groucho Marx, Gregory Peck, Ava Gardiner, Brat Pack: Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr. Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, Frank Sinatra. Star Wars 2, Sir Alec Guinness and Joe DiMaggio. Civil war Certificate. Di Maggio & Mays Autographs

Antiques and Collectibles investigations:

Pair fine European figurines. Porcelain attributed to Picasso. Picasso, a ceramic vase. A Qianlong Tianqiuping vase. A Set of Rare Antiquarian Far Eastern coins. Inuit ivory carving. Jean Gille - Paris. Porcelain Figurine Completed and authenticated. Delft Figurine. Picasso: Ceramic Vase Completed and Authenticated. A Pair of period Chinese vases, a Japanese vase by Shisai: 17C. Delftware figurine. Findlay Onyx


Art: Prints paintings etc. by or after:

Renoir, an oil. Joan Miro Watercolour. Monet oil, Mela Muter oil, Gaugun 2 oils, Honoré Daumier, 2 drawings, Eugène Verboeckhoven, 2 oil. 3 oils, of the Dutch School. Pierre Struys. F. M. Evans. A Picasso ceramic, Adolf Hitler Painting. Nicolas Hornyansky prints and drawings. Lena E. JORDAN, F.L Kirkpatrick, Jean Babtiste GREUZE, Italian School 18th Century oil, André Milon. G. CARNEVALE marble sculpture. Italian Portrait of Pope Pius IX., UK Prime Minister portrait, Frank Charles Hennessey, William Edward Frost RA, Portrait. Casson, David James, Cornish coastal scene. Chagall, Miro and Dali. Jacques-Louis David, Jusepe de Ribera, Thomas Frederick Goodall, Painting attrib: Juan de Valdés Leal. A German Old Master oil. Bruno Colorio. A Y Jackson, Shona Stone Sculptures. Felix Ekblad, Alexandra Nechita Prints. Tom Stone: A.J.Casson. Bauer, Bonheur,Brinkmann, Schony, Grandma Moses. Charles J. De Lacy: Eugéne Joseph Verboeckhoven: Robert Auchmuty Sproule, Picasso: A Crayon Drawing: Picasso: A Charcoal Drawing: Picasso: A pen and ink drawing: Picasso: Pen and ink: Dalis’ Graphic works; L'Infant Velasquez, ALIYAH, 1968, Tristan et Iseult. Myles Birkett Foster, watercolour. 2 other Works signed' Picasso' Lithographs & other Graphic works: Chen Hongshou Watercolour. (1598-1652) Chinese: Salvador Dali: A metal sculpture. Dali: A Pen and ink drawing. Picasso: A bronze relief sculpture Picasso: Portfolio Toros, Au Vent D'Arles 1960. Attrib: Adriaen Brouwer. Hans Zatzka oil. Picasso: A 3rd Pencil & Crayon Drawing. Joan Miro: A Watercolour: Chagall: A Watercolour and 3 prints: An oil painting by Jacob van Ruisdael: Paul Emile Pissaro, a pastel. Gregorio B. Pagani and Matteo Rosselli, Giovanni Biliverti, Eugène Delacroix and Alfred de Brianski Snr. Oils: Robert Lindsay Mason. Maria Elena Viera Da Silva, Louis Marcoussis,. Picasso: Investigation into the existence of a painting biographer John Richardson 'A Life of Picasso' described as 'missing', John Alexander Harington Bird. Salvador Dali. Bronze sculpture, Hans Van Meegeren (1889–1947), an Original landscape/ David Bates. A landscape, Matteo Roselli, Antoine Chintreuil [French] [1814-1873] Landscape . Pierre Auguste Renoir, a Painting, Kimbei KUSAKABE - Kimbei Photo Studio Frederick Goodall RA. Completed. Thomas Frederick Goodall a painting. John Constable: Watercolour, Picasso Prints: A collection identified as commercial bookplates bearing illegitimate Picasso signatures. Picasso: A Cubist oil. Illegitimate work by another hand. Picasso: A rose period oil on canvas. An illegitimate work bearing a false signature.Picasso: A figurative oil painting, Circa 1906 Completed. An illegitimate work. Picasso: 7 Limited edition prints: Identified as illegitimate works produced without licence bearing equally spurious Picasso signatures. Picasso: Graphic Images, an extensive collection, all Illegitimate offset lithographic works all bearing false signatures. Titian oil.  Michelangelo Merisi da Carravagio 2nd work. Painting in the manner of Carravagio identified as an early 19C replication. Joseph Loxton Rawbon. Valerio CASTELLO, Giovanni Bernardo Carbone, Giulio Cesare Procaccini, Dame Laura Knigh, Picasso: Various Madoura Ceramics 10 in total, Picasso: an Oil. A full provenance investigation. Pierre Auguste Renoir, an oil found to be illegitimate, Antoinetta Brandeis Italian (1849-1910), Picasso: 5 - drawings: Norwich School Oil Bearing a forged signature. Attributed Portrait of Papa Pio (Pope Pius) IX. Attributed to van Gogh. Joseph Mallord William Turner / A Turner watercolour. Ivan Pavlovich Pokitonov Authenticated. Pablo Picasso: Portrait of Dora Maar found to be illegitimate. Henri Martin – Misattributed. Paul Klee bears false signature. Stanhope Forbes, Joan Miro, Turner Missatributed, Giovanni Gionoli. Picasso Drawing. Found to be illegitimate,Salvador Dali. Metal Sculpture Completed, Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, Found to be illegitimate, Giambattista Tiepolo and Mateo Rosselli, Painting misattributed to Tiziano Vecelli or Vecellio, known as Titian. , Michelangelo Merisi da Carravagio. George Gardner Symons. Paul Cézanne Proven Illegitimate work executed and signed by another hand 19th C. Photograph of important Impressionist painters. A.Y. Jackson Prints. George Southwell pair of acrylic paintings. Dali Graphic works: 1 Lithograph St. George & the Dragon; Illegitimate reproduction bearing false signature. Dali Graphic work. Cavalier Cosmique –Carlo Dolci Italian school C 1620. Eugene Delacroix. Edgar Degas. Pastel. J M W Turner. Watercolour / Ongoing Russian school oil. Peter the Great and his architects. Russian school: Mikhail Kholodovsky oil. Vladimir Borovikovskii Oil Portrait. Marc Chagall Two paintings - illegitimate works, Marc Chagall Oil Completed. Robert Motherwell. W.M.Chase, John Sergent, Mauritzio Campigli, Mary Cassatt. Raoul Dufy, Proven Illegitimate work executed and signed by another hand. Ivan Pavlovich Pokitonov Authenticated / Pablo Picasso: A serious Cubist period oil a proven Illegitimate work executed and signed by another hand. Picasso: Period oil. Proven an Illegitimate work executed and signed by another hand. Picasso. 3 Oils. Picasso: An important oil, Proven Illegitimate work executed and signed by another hand. Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Watercolour bearing a false signature. Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Oil, mixed media bearing a false signature. Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Oil illegitimate work. Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Oil. Fake Picasso Sketch for Vollard. Fake Pablo Picasso - 2 Drawings. Illegitimate works by another hand. Picasso - 2 prints Completed: Unlicensed Reproduction signed by another hand. Picasso Aquatints 'Le Carmen Des Carmen' Question of authenticity. Francesco de Mura, Francesco Peluso, Elisee Maclet, Merab Calognia, Eugéne Fromentin. E. Bouvard. Venetian oil. A.R. Chughtai. Hans Belmer. Joan Miro - Proven Illegitimate work executed and signed by another hand. Joan Miro Oil painting. Proven Illegitimate work executed and signed by another hand. Farkas Lorinc Csallóközi, Farkas Csallokozi/ Hungarian. Legitimate. Salvador Dali. Collage and oil- Completed. Illegitimate. Salvador Dali. 2 Paintings Completed: Illegitimate works both bearing false signatures. Picasso: A ceramic sculpture. 5 Picasso Graphic works, Picasso: An oil painting Ongoing. Pablo Ruiz Picasso. A drawing. Picasso, A water colour drawing. Picasso: a pen and ink drawing. Picasso A Ceramic. Pablo Picasso. 4 Ceramics, Pablo Picasso. 3 Madoura plates. John Singer Sargent. Nicolas Poussin Misdated.19C copy. Pietro Testa. Käthe Schmidt Kollwitz Drawing, Gustav Klimt : illegitimate work bearing a false signature  Claude Monet Drawing: Diego Rivera. An illegitimate work bearing a false signature. Pedro Lira -  Chilean 1845-1912 an oil - René Magritte. Authentication processes abeyanced. Henri Fantin-Latour. A Floral Oil - was completed after further forensics, bears false signature. A 15C Italian Old Master. Misattributed. Francisco de Zurbarán. An illegitimate work bearing a false signature. Bartolomé Esteban Murillo Misdescribed. In the manner of. Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velázquez. 19C. copy. Joan Miro. A watercolour Completed - Manner of: Bears illegitimate signature  Joan Miro 2 oils. Both illegitimate works bearing a false signature. Vincent van Gogh 4 oils 3 bear false signatures/ 1 misattributed.

Carlo Maratti. Completed: An illegitimate work bearing a false signature. Luis TRISTÁN DE ESCAMILLA. Illegitimate. Bears a false signature. Carlo Dolci Completed: Misdescribed & attributed by auctioneer - Manner of.

Atelier de Diego VELASQUEZ. Illegitimate, bears a false signature. Giovani Jacopo Caraglio: 19C copy.

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