Lawren Stewart Harris'

Greenland Mountains II

Group of Seven






'Lawren Stewart Harris'

Greenland Mountains II

"Now if this is right it would be a remarkable find!"



 Lawren Stewart Harris was an irrepressibly brilliant Canadian artist and a founding member of the Group of Seven and the Canadian Group of Painters.

Newly discovered Lawren Harris


Lawren Harris Sketching


Biography: Lawren Harris

 Born in Brantford, Ontario on the 23rd of October 1885 Lawren Harris   Died in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the 29th. of January 1970.

 Lawren Harris was an artist that was hugely concerned with the relationship between the physical formations of the land and spiritual representation and had a unique artistic style



Photo Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris in 1957





 It's believed that in his later years, the Canadian Lawren Harris duplicated several of his favourite works. Exactly replicated is not necessarily correct as they often differed somewhat from the originals.


Is that what we have here?












Above: The Newly discovered Lawren Harris

Greenland Mountains II


Authentic painting by Lawtren Harris Greenland 2

Above: This is the confirmed authentic painting by

Lawren Harris  titled

'Greenland Mountains'

Painted circa 1930 - An Oil on Canvas,

107.4 x 128.4 cm. Purchased in 1936

National Gallery of Canada

(no. 4279)








Lawren Harris strove to embody the spiritual essence of the universe through simplified, archetypal forms which appear in a mystical light that seems to radiate from the canvas.

One of his most favoured subjects was the mountains of the Arctic north, where he believed the spiritual energies of the world originated. It was these mountains which carried huge symbolic meaning for Him.

“The primal mountains, forged into being by forces beyond human comprehension, were metaphors for the presence and power of a life force that animates the universe.”


His mountain paintings were the last representational works he painted before turning to pure abstraction but the mountain form would always be a central preoccupation in his work.



David Freeman


















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