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Gris Art Authentication - Before you begin


* Before entering into a full investigation of the legitimacy of a work of art, be it academic, forensic or as with most cases, both, it is essential to know if the project is at all viable and possibly provable. Much as you would need to know if you were taking a legal case to court.

Logically, if  it  is  not, you should not attempt it. The risk of failure is too high.

So we always prefer to make a preliminary and vital professional pre authentication assessment for clients first. This is based upon the images you supply, the details and the items history.

This is a logical & cost effective professional assessment and advisory for which there is a modest set fee.

Please see our FAQ's which explains the process in detail.







  Settling neatly into an artistic paradise blossoming in a post impressionist Paris from his distinctive Spanish roots, Juan Gris became hugely influenced by his good friend Henri Matisse, with not just a little help from Georges Braque and his mentor Pablo Picasso who he saw as his teacher and greatest influence.


 Unlike the early monochrome excursions into the new cubism that they conceived and established however, Spanish artist Juan Gris evolved and became a master of the colourful graphic imagery which established him as an artist with a vital role to play in the early development of the Cubsit movement of Monmartre and the Bateau-Lavoir.

But like all other artists before him, Juan Gris works were not all either atypical or from the same vein throughout his life.




                 Juan Gris Open Window.     




  Formally trained as he was in technical drawing, Juan Gris we now know went on to also work graphically and in book illustration and design, but he also designed theatrical costumery such as the work illustrated below and made sketches and drawings complying with all the social norms of any artist in training throughout his life.

Though it's not surprising we now recognise his art for the patent individuality of style and colourful graphic cubism that he made his own, authenticating it is no mean feat and neither straightforward nor is it easy.





Juan Gris Photograph

Theatrical costume design by Juan Gris




 However, with the onslaught of the Great War, his Paris based art dealer D.H. Kahnweiler was forced into exile and most of Juan Gris works were confiscated, destroyed or simply spirited away never to be seen again.

Or are they only now reappearing?


Juan Gris
Vincent Van Gogh Authentication

Juan Gris Woman with a basket




Juan Gris sculpture

Juan Gris pastel portrait


 Academic opinion alone is seldom enough in matters of authentication of art. So too signature verification is vital but many of  Juan Gris works have been left unsigned. Some are fully signed and more just initialled. The science of forensics therefore justifiably has a major part to play in the authentication process across the board.



 We employ mainly non-destructive forensic methodology in investigative support of the authentication of all artworks including; Spectrographic & Raman technology, the use of high-resolution cameras, infra-red, ultra-violet and multi-spectral scanning & examination, plus macroscopic & microscopic forensic analysis.

Science therefore very effectively assists us in identifying and dating pigments, inks and artist materials but without any adverse effect on the work of art.

Our expert court recognized handwriting and document examiners play a vital role in the authentication of art process too.

 Freemanart's forensic experts also conduct expert chemical analysis and fibre identification processes alongside Carbon 14 dating, Science reinforcing the investigation procedure in the identification of fake drawings & paintings, signature forgery identification & art and supportive document  fraud, such as illicit and fake provenance, forged letters, wills and sales receipts.

The fakers greatest accomplice!




Juan Gris landscape











Juan Gris Art Authentication

 The Freemanart Consultancy with bases across Europe and North America, specialise in art authentication procedures and detailed forensic analysis and academic investigations and have art experts, forensic analysts and scholars on hand who specifically specialise in particular in the art and paintings of the Spanish artist Juan Gris on hand to help and advise you.

 Remember: We are specifically here to assist you with both financial valuations of legitimate Juan Gris works of art and advise on the all so important issues of Juan Gris authentication and attribution and at all levels, undertaking our investigative work completely confidentially and swiftly across the world.

With physical access to Juan Gris records distributed in closed archive in Europe, we are perfectly well sited to assist you.

 Preliminary authentication assessments of previously attributed Juan Gris paintings or paintings bearing the famous Juan Gris signature, right at the start of an art authenticity investigation can save great personal heartache and unnecessary expense, so for information on that process and further details on art authentication issues in general, or to discuss a specific request and the preliminary assessment stage simply  > Click Here


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