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Authenticity & Attribution investigations into the works believed to be by the English artist John Constable.

  One of the most famous names in British Art History is probably this man, an English artist called John Constable.


 Famed for his English landscapes in rich oils such as the Haywain and Dedham Mill. But many do not know that he excelled at painting portraits of people too and at this he earned his living, at least in his early years, painting portrait commissions for the landed gentry and wealthy merchants of Britain.


 We see hundreds of paintings of all sorts claiming to be by John Constable and it has to be said, many are indeed signed. The problem is that his style was so emulated and copied by artists of the time due to his commercial status and public demand for his product, that they 'magically' develop the famous name during their journey through time and actually have nothing to do with John Constable at all. They are simply a product of dubious dealers who added the Constable signature to bring add value. In reality, to deceive and defraud.

 As art authentication experts working on Constable for over four decades, determining authenticity and securing attributions to John Constable, we see much of this type of art fraud. Equally seeing many copyists works & paintings vaguely similar in style to Constable and believed by their owners to be true John Constable works, just because Grandfather said so. Or worse, their friend the dentist, pointed the fact out when he came to dinner !














Fake Constable Signature


John Constable - Art Authentication Procedures & Investigation


   Freemanart are expert professional international art authenticity investigators and quite unique in the art world. We are art consultants and authentication procedures experts with over 42 years of specialised experience dedicated to undertaking and conducting art authentication investigation projects. including John Constable art forgery identification and the detection of John Constable signed fake art, continually pursuing the international investigation & prosecution of Constable art fraud and forgery cases world wide for clients.

  We specifically undertake all of the necessary academic, in-depth archival and forensic measures which are required in building John Constable fine art authentication cases and confirming artist attributions for our private clients around the world, conducting art legitimacy and art fraud investigations internationally.





John Constable Fakes









Fake Constable by clever British forger Tom Keating












 A modern day forger of Constable was Tom Keating, a lovable British rogue to many, a crook to many more. Even though he did leave valuable clues to the legitimacy of his Constable variations literally 'on' the painting.

It's not known just how many Constable fakes he introduced to the art market and how many have been identified as fakes, but Keating was good at what he did and went on to make a TV series in which one programme was dedicated to how to paint like Constable!

Today, even Keatings fakes are faked !






Tom Keating.










Vincent Van Gogh Authentication



  The Freemanart Consultancy specialise in implementing and conducting art authentication investigations into the works of John Constable, expertly preparing the cases 'for' authenticity or 'against' authenticity for individuals and clients.

These are clients who may be considering the delicate matter of future family distribution, or for those requiring the underpinning of Constable authentication prior to an investment purchase, or for the brokerage of an existing piece. Or for some, those in opposition, taking legal steps and litigating against an art fraud where Constable's name has been used illegally and it needs to be proven..










 The variation in the subject matter and style of John Constable's works as he developed, is immense. Ranging from portraiture to architectural studies in pen and ink on paper. From animal paintings, to mountainous landscapes, beach and marine scenes and on..
  Academic opinion alone is seldom enough in matters of authentication of art. So too is signature verification, as many John Constable works have been left unsigned. Some are fully signed and more just initialled. The science of forensics therefore justifiably has a major part to play in the authentication process of works by John Constable.




 We employ mainly nondestructive forensic methodology in investigative support of the authentication of all art works including; Spectrographic & Raman technology, examination and testing plus macroscopic & microscopic forensic analysis. Science therefore very effectively assists us in identifying and dating pigments, inks and artist materials but without any adverse effect on the work of art. So too, our expert court recognized handwriting and document examiners play a vital role in the authentication of art process.

 Freemanart's forensic experts also conduct expert chemical analysis and fibre identification processes which reinforces the investigation procedure in the identification of fake drawings & paintings pretending to be by Constable, signature forgery identification & art and supportive document  fraud, such as illicit and fake provenance, forged letters, wills and sales receipts.










Pursuing complex John Constable art authentication issues.


John Constable Portrait, seascape, landscape, pen and ink wash marine study ,and floral studies


 The Freemanart Consultancy with bases in Britain and across Europe and North America, are art authentication experts who specialise in art authentication investigations and its related procedures.

 We conduct detailed forensic art analysis alongside in depth academic investigations and research and have art experts, forensic art analysts and scholars on hand who specifically specialise in particular in the artwork and paintings of the artist John Constable.


  We are specifically here to assist you with both financial valuations of legitimate Constable works of art and advise on the all so important issues of John Constable authentication and attribution issues and at all levels, undertaking our investigative work completely confidentially and swiftly across the world.

With physical access to Constable records and documents distributed in archive across Britain and Europe, we are perfectly sited geographically to assist you.


 Preliminary authentication assessments of previously attributed John Constable paintings or paintings bearing the famous Constable signature, right at the start of an art authenticity investigation can save great personal heartache and unnecessary expense in the long term. So for information on that professional process and further details on art authentication issues in general, or to discuss a specific request about Constable and art authentication at the preliminary assessment stage, simply  >           Click Here


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List of works of art in recent years successfully attributed to John Constable is few and far between.

Formerly attributed to John Constable 'Barnes Common' date not known

Formerly attributed to John Constable Dedham Vale with the House Called 'Dedham Valley'

Formerly attributed to John Constable - Trunk and Lower Branches of a Tree.

John Constable - The Bridges Family 1804

East Bergholt House c.1809 - John Constable -

John Constable - A Lane near Flatford c.1810-11

Flatford Mill attrib. John Constable - ('Scene on a Navigable River') 1816-17

Hampstead Heath, with the House Called 'The Salt Box' John Constable - c.1819-20

John Constable - Fen Lane, East Bergholt circa 1817

John Constable - Hampstead Heath, with Harrow in the Distance c.1820-

View in a Garden at Hampstead with a Red House Beyond c.1821  Attributed to John Constable.

John Constable - Hampstead Heath with a Rainbow - 1836










Specialist Expertise by Artist


VAN GOGH Vincent








































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